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  1. I think mine has been dispatched so these should arriving soon.
  2. Thats cos @Numistacker posted in the thread, anything he touches turns to gold... now if he could turn a matt finish into a DPL finish with his dulcet tones alone we would all be partying
  3. Hmm.... this is really pushing my limits on what SOTD I buy now. At least its not 800 cos that would have been an immediate no. This may have snuck under the radar of most buyers, I know I didnt get an email about it and most SOTD sell out within minutes/hours of release.
  4. Nice coins these - I have the 2018 version. Good luck with your hunt.
  5. Congratulations @Money1 ! PM me your address and I'll get your prize sent out asap.
  6. terakris

    Silver cleaner

    Ive used the stuff pictured, it works great but dont use the cloth or the brush unless you really dont care about the coin. The dip works well and a couple of dips in that with a wash with ironing water in between brings them up well. Only dip silver in it though, if you put normal circulation coins in it will look ok to start with then rust and marks will appear.
  7. Couple more of mine, including the 2018 strike your own newton (best design 50p ever imho).
  8. Little delivery from @Numistacker, my 2020 brexit sov to add to the SOTD collection.
  9. I have a few of these, that looks like a lovely example of one.
  10. I had one of these and popped it out to send to ngc.... my decision was a bit easier as it had a crack in it but it didnt grade well despite conservation, so im not sure how much i trust their grading service. Its nice having the set with the paperwork etc, so maybe a keeper like it is. I think mine was a 104 and was graded a PF66 so not amazing really but may give you a guide to go by.
  11. 2018 & 2019 Silver Dragon Bar Tubes - £410 each posted 20 bars in each tube, stored with anti-tarnish strips. These are bullion coins from a tube, so expect the slight marks on the outer edge as with all these coins, but I've not taken them out apart from to put the strips in, so they should be pretty nice. If wanted, I do have individual capsules that I'll throw in 20 for an extra £10 along with the bars. 2018 2019 Payment Bank Transfer for Paypal F&F Please - UK Shipping only.
  12. Yeah this has been on the cards for a while, i think their bullion site was getting a little long in the tooth so prob moving over to the main RM structure.
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