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  1. If its a silver proof coin and its just tarnish on it, you could use silver dip. While I have to say "you shouldn't clean coins" I often dip silver coins, including proofs and they come out fine, just dont over do it. I would never rub the surface in any way though so dont use an eraser on it or anything. Dip should be safe, 2 mins then a rinse with deionised water and dry with a cool air drier (not a hot hairdryer but one on a cold setting should be fine) and it will prob remove most of the tarnish. End of the day how much worse can it get, you have a tarnished silver coin that you wont
  2. Big shout out to @damok666 for my xmas draw prize, a very nice proof silver greyhound.
  3. I completely forgot to update what my prize would be but now might keep it as a surprise for the winner
  4. At submission centre means it's back to where you submitted it. So if in the UK, it's back at the UK office.
  5. Im a 70 chaser and like @Gildeon collect from a specific year (1977). There are 70's for this year and i have some top pop ones, but they way i see is check if there are already any 70 grades, if not then i use the current highest one as my benchmark. I always want a 70 and have spent quite a lot of money chasing this over a 69 grade and failing, so i think a lot depends on what the year is and what the current highest grade is. Any modern coin should ideally get a 70 i guess but if the item has been mint sealed, no matter how many years with NCS it should be able to get a 70 if it was pe
  6. terakris

    completed (By Platinum Member) 1977 Gold 2 Rand NGC PF68UC

    Sold, thanks.
  7. terakris

    completed (By Platinum Member) 1977 Gold 2 Rand NGC PF68UC

    No issues. Anyone that has had coins from me in the past will know that as soon as I get a coin from ngc it's put into a protective cover and stored in an ngc slab holder where it remains locked away. This coin was graded by myself so has only ever been to ngc and back to me so is as good as you would expect. Thanks.
  8. terakris

    completed (By Platinum Member) 1977 Gold 2 Rand NGC PF68UC

    Bump with a price drop to £375!
  9. Few more coins (and notes this time) for my 1977 collection - one an eBay purchase from the states already graded and the rest all graded by myself - super pleased with the 1977 Lunar Snake, some more top pops here for me so good grading run overall; Some bad photos as usual, one day the light will be right
  10. I can't recall my number from last year but yes please. Special delivery, thanks buddy.
  11. @morezone maybe the person to speak to, he has slab boxes so may have a double thick pcgs one..?
  12. terakris

    completed (By Platinum Member) 1977 Gold 2 Rand NGC PF68UC

    1977 Gold 2 Rand NGC PF68UC Lovely coin - same gold content as a UK Full Sovereign £375 posted Special Delivery (UK Only) Payment by Bank Transfer or Paypal F&F Please.
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