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  1. I wonder how many have been sold at that price. I can be "selling" one at £50k, doesn't mean any have sold at that. I think this is the upper limit, there is no reason to pay more, so I would expect auctions to sell for less than this. Once the bulk of these come back from grading and are being offered, I suspect the price will drop as they will be easily available in a 70 grade, its not like an Una where they are a lot rarer.
  2. My experience of buying at auction is the buyer will take the premium into account so if the target price is 6k they will bid the target price minus the commission and that will be the hammer price.
  3. NGC update stats every tuesday, so currently its this - last column is 70 grade. almost 1k total graded for the 2oz, market is going to be flooded with flips. Best money may have been on gone on these now as i suspect this will drag the price down a lot.
  4. 67 is a really unlucky grade. I have coins 40+ years older than that at higher grades. there are coins 80-90 years older that are that grade so its not a good result for who ever has it. Cant be worth much in that grade i dont think unless someone really doesnt care about the grade and just wants the coin. release price x 2 maybe? I dont think i'd pay a lot for a 67 grade modern coin.
  5. If purchased by someone who wants to sell them on it will be broken out and resold as a raw coin no doubt.
  6. So far this could be the winner of the collection (excluding gold's)
  7. Thats only the FR/ER cos they have split them out.
  8. In comparison there are 600 total una's graded with only 200+ getting a 70, so its a big difference. there are 900 graces graded already
  9. IMHO you know its not a 70 grade coin, and most of these would have NCS already im sure but with a raw coin you could take the gamble and get a 70. I dont think there is going to be as much an uplift with these compared to the unas especially with all the 70 grade coins coming out of NGC atm. I wouldn't be surprised if these are selling for sub 1500 in a couple of months.
  10. A pf69 that was on eBay for just under 1900 didn't sell so that may be an indication that a pf69 is gonna be around raw grade or less price.
  11. I have a couple of custom sets but I keep forgetting to maintain them so they usually get updated before the end of each year when I get the email about the awards so I check my standard and current sets are in order.
  12. I agree. I think a 69 will be the same as raw and raw appear to be dropping in price so I think the best chance for good money is either the early sellers or the 70 grade ones. Then again I suspect at least half of those 70 grades will be flipped so market is going to be flooded with everyone undercutting each other until there is not much of an uplift.
  13. That's gonna be broken out and sold raw for sure. It's scary when you think there are coins almost 100 years old that get those kinda grades. Lots of first time graders I think on these coins so think total number graded will be high. I recon the 5oz maybe the winner here if the 2oz are over graded in high results, purely down to mintage numbers.
  14. What's the grade on this mate, that coin looks in cracking condition!
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