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  1. Its great its climbing but i think we need it to settle so people can work out prices and premiums. There are wanted posts for "at a decent price" cos right now its hard to price stuff with it changing so much and I think some are finding it hard to pay £25+ per 1oz coin when a few weeks ago the same coin could have been £20ish. I sold some coins to a friend recently for under the current spot price, that was a week or so ago, so its moving fast. If it can just settle at say £21 then people can rework out the premiums on top to say £25 for non-vat sales per oz perhaps.
  2. I really like the whole process of grading coins... What will you get, a surprise 70 for an older coin, the gamble you take. This I guess makes it easy if you want the easy 70 grade but I suspect some higer value or lower mintage coins will come with hefty mark up. I guess they have seen that 70 grade coins can demand high premiums on some coins and want in on the action.
  3. MY EYES!!! STOP, TAKE IT AWAY... BAN THE POST...!!!!!!!!!
  4. Well the box arrived from NGC with 40 coins in (39 for my 1977 collection) So 2 NGC storage boxes full now of these goodies - mostly pretty high grades of 69-70 so very happy.
  5. Yeah I have one of each of the old ones, same with £2 - nothing special condition, just for a "collection" thing. Have a bunch of spare ones too.
  6. Thanks, 68-70 are not too hard for 77 im finding. out of that submission i think 12 got 70 grade, the rest mostly 69 and a couple of 68's Keep trying, when you get one its going to be epic!
  7. Received a large bill from NGC today meaning my (40!)coins are back in the UK so should be with me shortly... for now, a few from the current results; This is a strange one, minted in 1977 (hence in my collection) but due to Ethiopia using a different calendar than us means their year is 1969, NGC kindly agreed to add the 1977 date for me after I pointed out the date confusion, so it shows both now (yay!) - The reverse is a great Lion design so shown here; This coin was purchased on here, shipped from the states to the uk, shipped back to the states for grading and then shipped back to the uk so can give it -1 point off the grade for just being jet-lagged
  8. Wonder what poor soul will get this coin, although this is normal mint quality rofl
  9. Didnt hear anythign about this until @h103efa mentioned it to me - gold has a very low mintage of 250 so suspect once people realise it may fly off the shelf. I guess if you have the newton and hawking this makes a nice addition.
  10. You're very welcome buddy - enjoy them, its a lovely set!
  11. There are plenty of ancient coins around of various quality - usually found on specialist coin auctions.
  12. I believe its Silver - I'm no expert, I picked it up for its design rather than the historical value (how shallow of me I know).
  13. 2019 BU Matte Finish Sovereign - NGC MS70 Comes with box/coa (i think it has a coa as standard, if it does, its included but dont have its box to hand, all original packaging essentially) Cheaper than a 2020 version direct from Royal Mint (they are selling for £495!) £455 posted special delivery (uk only) Payment Paypal F&F or Bank Transfer please
  14. My first ancient coin, a Greek Drachm. Purchased purely cos it has a Bee on it... and Bee's are cool 🤦‍♂️ Will be sent off for grading and NCS to clean up some of the surface contaminants a bit, but not bad for a coin thats over 2k years old.
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