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  1. I received an email from Royal Mint today:
  2. I did a quick mockup showing one of the beasts with its shield as on original coin. As you can see there's definitely not the room to accommodate the shield on the 1oz coin for all of the beasts.
  3. I feel the need to be be slightly critical about this coin. I can almost hear the conversations in the Royal Mint Marketing Department when they were discussing their next money-making scheme. The phrase 'give 'em what they've already got' springs to mind when they were discussing the design. Don't get me wrong, as a stand alone coin it's very nice, especially in the larger sizes, 5/10 oz. It seems to me the coin is gimmicky when compared to the other coins in the Queen's Beast series. What does everyone else think?
  4. I agree, I have both Ag & Au in nice display boxes from Alun. I really wanted the 5oz or 10oz silver proof. I think the design is too small on the 1oz.
  5. I agree, I prefer the 10oz. I'm also a little jealous.😀
  6. I've never used this dealer before but they seem expensive. - They have the White Horse priced at £497. Atkinsons price is £447
  7. Where did you get this price from? £507 seems excessive. Compared to the prices at Atkinsons for the White Horse £440.
  8. I agree. The Greyhound is a very lanky animal. In terms of the design (humped back) I think it was to compress the animal to meet the aesthetic qualities seen in the rest of the series. I think I prefer it to the Lion of Mortimer and White Horse.
  9. belangp is very comprehensive but is too complex for me. I like Maneco64 & also watch Shadowstack
  10. Maneco64 on youtube is very good.
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