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  1. £27.50 delivered? Yes please
  2. Next in line for the curb chain/ bracelet. Please
  3. What an achievement, well done!
  4. I like the look of the monster boxes but can you store coins in capsules in them? I don’t like the idea of the coins stacked on top of each other naked without the protection from scratches ect. I assume the monster boxes aren’t air tight? those Peli cases are fantastic - I use a micro at work so appreciate the quality and durability. I just wish they had one with compartments- I know you can buy the dividers for the cases- I just question if those foam or plastic dividers would hold up against several kg of weight in each compartment.
  5. I’ve also been looking at the Peli cases, so many to choose from. I think it’s just a case of what ever you can afford. The micro cases look like they would fill up very quickly, so something like the Peli 1200 from the protect range looks good. I worry all your coins and bars would just rattle around all over the place in there, even the foam inside the cases - not sure they would support the weight of the bars ect 🤔
  6. Interesting to hear everyone’s take on the subject. cheers guys
  7. @Bimetallic Thankyou for this 👍 I will give it a go when I find the correct salt.
  8. Please explain the baking soda and foil method 🤔
  9. Thanks for the advice guys 👍 this particular cleaner in the pic, although it has a brush, I’m sure you can use the plastic bit to hold the silver and submerge into the solution so as no rubbing has taken place? might try it on a non valuable piece to test!
  10. brya0123

    Silver cleaner

    Has anyone tried using a silver cleaner like one in photo to clean up new coins that have lived outside a capsule and got a little grubby?
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