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  1. Hi, I'll take one of these if still available. I'll send you a PM.
  2. I'll take two sets if available, I'll send you a PM.
  3. Thanks Matt, So if my maths is correct at current spot of 0.625/g that gives one pre 1947 £ as £35.34 =(0.625*113.1*0.5) that's a >97% devaluation in living memory, plus I haven't even included the value of the copper. Maybe I do need to get some 'junk' silver.. I've just signed up to be a silver member so I can see behind the scenes here! It seems that 62.207g (1 oz fine), 100g (50g fine) & 113.1g (£1 face value) could all be good sizes for small lots, though £1 face value would be the easiest to sort without a weighing scale.
  4. Hey BM, I'm new to buying physical silver and had never considered buying pre-1947 coins before though I'm warming to it. I just did a search and I saw 3 posts in the trading section in the last month for 50% silver, all of which asked for spot and all were sold. This is encouraging as the fact they were sold gives me more confidence to buy. There was one offering with bundles of 2 troy oz (1 toz fine) and I thought this was a great idea as there's no need to reach for a calculator to work out the price per/oz. I need to do a wee bit more research though I expect I'll be lookin
  5. Hi BYB, if these are still available then I can take both. I'll send you a PM.
  6. Thanks @sixgun. I'm on the telegram group and find it useful though it is easy for information to get lost. I have a bit of time off this week and wanted to post a train of thought that came to me in thinking about Kinesis from an investment point of view. I am more used to investing in mining stocks and so I came up with an analogy to describe Kinesis in terms of a mine. In this case I think of Kinesis AG the company as a mining company. The commodity that they're mining is transactions. Their mine that is about to go into production is the Kinesis Monet
  7. Is this the best place to discuss Kinesis on the Silver Forum? @sixgun
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