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  1. I ordered a silver one ounce bar and a one source silver Valiant. One ounce silver Royal Arms was not available.
  2. The premiums for the fractional ones are high but they are neat to have. I have these since I thought they are neat: SS Gairsoppa Britannia 2013 UK Quarter-Ounce Silver Coin SS Gairsoppa Britannia 2014 UK Quarter-Ounce Silver Coin 2020 Standing Britannia - Bullion - Jody Clark Portrait - 1/10 ounce - 20 pence I missed out on getting these two. 2006 Standing Britannia 1/10 ounce 2011 Billowing Union Flag 1/2 Ounce Now I need to add this 2021 1/4 ounce one to my want list.
  3. My silver proof Mayflower medal and coin set and the silver reverse proof Mayflower medal arrived the other day from my brother in Florida, we decided to wait until the Christmas rush of post was over for them to send my US Mint order over. Another friend in the US has been tracking a package of coins from him....here is where the package has been to already: Accepted Hampton Departed Hampton Arrived Norfolk Arrived Philadelphia Arrived Jersey City Arrived Norfolk (again, and why?) Departed Norfolk Arrived Philadelphia (again) Departed Philadelphia Arrived Jersey
  4. Looks like the US Mint finally sorted out all the COA issue for their version of the Mayflower coin and medal set since I received an update that this set and my reverse proof medal should be arriving to my brother's place in Florida today. Charge on my American Express card for both items was £177.83. Royal Mint price for the set alone is £195.
  5. Just wondering when you emailed them since NGC was closed yesterday and today for Thanksgiving (they noted this on their website).
  6. My V75 ASE arrived in England today after a bit of rest at my brother's place in Florida.
  7. Mine arrived today in England after a brief rest stop at my brothers in Florida.
  8. When the Royal Mint announced the music legends series, I was not interested in them. That changed a bit when the offered a 1 ounce silver bullion version. So an Elton John one arrived today to keep the one for the rock group Queen company. Mintage of these is 25,000.
  9. The Eagle for the coin gold is rather nice. For me, the reverse for the silver Eagle coin reminds me of the Eagle from the Ike dollar coin.
  10. I am still a bit bummed that I was not able to get thru the order process for the 2020 End of WWII 75th Anniversary Silver Medal. When I saw the price that the Royal Mint wanted for their version of the 2 coin silver set, I decided to wait for the US Mint open up their sales. Since I am having the items sent to my brother's address in the states and they will forward it over, saving a bit of money and getting the reverse proof as well.
  11. I heard from my sister-in-law, they posted my ASE V75 coin from the US to me in England today. Cost for this was $24.50. I hope the others who have orders which are processing get their shipment notifications soon.
  12. US Mint website worked much between for these release so I ordered both the two coin silver set and the reverse proof which are being sent to my brother in Florida for forwarding onto me. Confirmation email was received. Glad this one worked quickly since I was booked into various Zoom calls all afternoon from 14:15 UK time onwards.
  13. and it is just VAT since without VAT, it is £162.50 which is over $215.
  14. From an email today, the Royal Mint is putting their versions of the silver and gold sets up for sale at 13:00 on Tuesday. No indication of their prices yet. I am still leaning towards just getting the reverse proof medal from the US Mint.
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