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  1. I just read a confirmation of both variants in 2021 - https://www.coinworld.com/news/us-coins/mint-confirms-2021-american-eagle-coins-will-have-old-and-new-designs The United States Mint plans to issue multiple 2021 American Eagle gold and silver coins, some bearing the current, original designs, and others bearing the newly approved reverses. The Mint revealed new designs for the American Eagle gold and silver coins on Oct. 1, announcing that they will be issued in mid-2021. However, they declined to provide details about the transition from the old to new designs. Now, Mint of
  2. My 2021 silver Britannia arrived today.
  3. According to this article, the price of this coin will be $83. https://www.coinworld.com/news/us-coins/united-states-mint-increases-prices-on-15-silver-products
  4. I acquired a 2013 silver Britannia with the snake privy mark.
  5. These are not very popular outside of the US since the history and folklore behind these coins are not really well known. A few times I had to explain the appeal of the ones with the CC (Carson City) mint marks. I used to carry an 1892 O (New Orleans) that I got from a bank around as a pocket piece. I also wanted a CC one in the CSA (Government Services Administration) holder. I have always wondered how many of Morgan and Peace dollars were melted when the Hunt Brothers tired to corner the market in silver, I can still remember dealers buying these from the public in 1979 when I was 17
  6. On Friday, my 2020 1 ounce silver bar for the forum that I purchased from @Leonmarsh arrived. @BackyardBullion did a great job of making these.
  7. Thanks for putting together this site with useful information about the silver Britannias.
  8. I am still learning about pre-decimal British coins - here is what Collectors' Coins Great Britain says about the 1920 three pence coins. The weights for .925 and .500 1920 three pence coins are the same.
  9. Would you consider selling the 1 ounce bar separate from the 100 gram bar? If so, please let me know. Ken
  10. Yes, new reverses for the silver and gold for the 35th anniversary of the series - https://www.usmint.gov/news/press-releases/united-states-mint-unveils-new-american-eagle-gold-and-silver-coin-reverse-designs The silver reverse looks a bit similar to the Ike dollar reverse.
  11. I send and receive packages from the US on a regular basis. One lesson that we learned early on, if the US sender puts a business name on the return address, this makes the marking of gift null and void to UK customs. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/notice-143-a-guide-for-international-post-users/notice-143-a-guide-for-international-post-users#:~:text=Goods sent as a gift,person(s) in the UK For sending of coins/bullion to the US, I use the term medallions on the customs form. Typically for coins/bullion coming to me the US, they use tokens or hobby supplies. Yo
  12. I am not new to coins or bullion been collecting on and off for all of my adult life. My journey here started when I was looking to buy the 1 ounce silver James Bond No Time To Die bar and was I told to check out the YouTube channels of Backyard Bullion and Numistacker. Used a discount code from Backyard Bullion and another code to get my bar for £28.15. I do wish that the Royal Mint has supplied the bar in a plastic capsule. Both of the YouTube channels suggested this forum, so here I am. Ken
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