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  1. Cost HKD$27,435 around £2,900 in sterling.
  2. Today I got a gift from beyond the grave... Still in OMP, Wonder if its worth grading??
  3. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-48962557 looks like its going to be plastic
  4. Thank you for the info @HighlandTiger I agree with @sixgun I said to be on the safe side buy UK legal tender gold coins. They replied but I've never held a 1kg bar before
  5. I had a friend ask me if I was to bring back to the UK 1kg gold bar would I have to declare it at customs? & if tax would have to be paid on it? From what I understand is that gold is CGT exempt.. so no to the above? Thought I would share and ask for your expertise and advice from you experienced forum members. Thanks
  6. ATL85

    fake tester in ebay

    I bought some of these Neodymium magnets for non destructive test. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Neodymium-Cylinder-Magnets-Organization-Magnetron/dp/B06XD82PNB/ref=sr_1_3?crid=39EZAA95ZDQZV&keywords=neodymium+magnets+n52&qid=1559326803&s=gateway&sprefix=neodymium+magnets+n%2Caps%2C449&sr=8-3
  7. I'm going to try and exchange or refund them, but if the store don't take them back I'll likely sell them. I got some RCM 10 oz bars and they are perfect. Its such a shame really
  8. @Wackattak924 thanks for the reply. I just watched the video and StackerNoob bar is in much better condition. I could live with a few scratches but not dents haha
  9. Today I received 2 10z Britannia bars. Yay! But hold on what are all these dents, notches and scratches!? This is not normal right? Anyone else experienced this before?
  10. Yeah true that, should name and shame him so everyone in the community can avoid him... or directly find him if your in to him.
  11. So u got the phone.. does that mean u took up the offer 😂🤣
  12. ATL85

    RCM 10z silver bar

    @Downs523 here's a photo I couldn't send it via pm
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