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  1. Hi everyone I do apologise but these sold out almost instantly! (I didn't have a lot) Expecting more on October 4th, have kept a note of everyone who has messaged me or commented on this thread so far. If you are interested in ordering these then please do continue to comment and/or message me and I will add you to the list. I'll be in touch. Many thanks.
  2. The eagerly anticipated Bull & Bear coins from @EuropaBullion just in this week! Beautiful coins with a clever design and a great price! Expecting these to be as popular if not more than the Goddess Europa Only £22.90 per coin with a minimum order of 5 inc. signed for delivery! For now, I have a very small number of these available, but don't worry - if they sell out fast I will add you to the waiting list for pre-order Looking forward to the showcase on YouTube for these at ~5pm from @BackyardBullion!
  3. Looking for full sovereigns of all years and in relatively decent bullion condition - Will swap for brand new silver 2021 Britannias Looking for about 25 sovereigns in total but happy to negotiate trades in smaller amounts. Will be looking to make trades like this often depending on supply.
  4. £597 per tube including Special Delivery £25.40 each (min. order of 5, includes first class signed for delivery) Discounts on multiple tubes available PM for details or comment below and I'll get in touch
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