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  1. fairly firm on the bars atm as they're in the proper perth mint caps, would probably rather just keep them for the time being rather than drop them lower
  2. Hi, looking to sell the following. All coins are sold as bullion, payment via bank transfer. Will need to add postage of your choice and risk, all coins paid for by midnight 02/06 will be dispatched 03/06 30 x 2016 britannias - £27 each SOLD 11 x mixed kangaroos - spotted/toned/milked - £25 each SOLD pending payment 2 x 2020 dragon bars - £33 each 2019 dragon bar - spotted - £28 SOLD thanks
  3. they've only started appealing to me lately as a low premium option for fractional gold (especially half sovs), in terms of the actual coins - idk, they're OK.
  4. damn, would have had the half sovs at that, only just starting to get into gold and had my first 2 1/10th brits show up. eh well, maybe next time
  5. 12 x 2016 Perth Mint Kangaroos - £28 each - SOLD 9 x 2020 Perth Mint Dragon Bars - £34.50 - SOLD Postage cost at buyer's choice and risk (Special delivery recommended). All coins are sold as bullion and come in capsules (dragon bars use the official caps). Than6ks. Payment accepted via bank transfer.
  6. Individual stocks have no inherent value and make up a much smaller part of the overall picture. As such, this makes them far more prone to complete collapse. It really comes down to your investment strategy though in regards to which one makes more sense. For short term potential profit/active trading, anything virtual is going to be far more efficient in general - but risk will always be much higher, especially long term.
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