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  1. I personally would pay more for a low COA, but I also think I’m in the minority and most people don’t seem to care. Although I think there are enough like me, that you could get lucky on a sale of a low COA coin. The problem is that we don’t often get the opportunity to choose, and I I don’t think I would sell just to trade to a preferred COA.
  2. Three 10oz silver Horses. I order all of these 10oz coins now from @BullionExchangesbecause they ship them in these monster box sheets. It really helps keep the capsules in pristine condition! 🙂
  3. Here are some price levels from APMEX. This is the first I’ve seen of the 2 kilo silver. The 2oz silver is already sold.
  4. I personally like this coin, and the last one (Una and the Lion), as they are very nice and popular designs from a few hundred years ago, struck by the same mint that made them in the first place. That said I would never have predicted how much the price has moved up, but at the same time, I own both and haven’t sold. It’s tempting though 🙂
  5. Thank you for taking a screen shot of the price, as it looks to be gone! This one lasted as long as the 1 Una they had for sale last time around.
  6. Also watch this link. They had one 2oz gold Una last year that sold for an enormous premium, but in hindsight less than recent sales. https://www.apmex.com/product/229174/2021-great-britain-2-oz-gold-the-three-graces-proof
  7. No worries 🙂 Even if it was by coincidence, looking under magnification, it turns out that there are a few specks of something on surface of the coin.
  8. @Witcher pointed out some imperfections which I had not noticed on the reverse of this coin. To be fair these are not really visible to the naked eye, and I've certainly received far worse from the Royal Mint. But rather than risk harming forum trade integrity and my own trade reputation, and as flashback to this time last year, this deal will now become...GOLD AT SPOT! 🙂 Last year we ran many silver at spot promotions with members getting silver in the $12 to $14 range. The new forum member @AJB will have right of first refusal to buy this coin at 0.2354x$1781=$419 with free shi
  9. This is the 5th portrait version, which is the first sovereign proof to feature the current portrait of Queen Elizabeth. It includes all original mint packaging as shown with box and COA. $600 with free shipping in the US, and international shipping available at cost.
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