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  1. This year tomatoes and radishes were good, carrots were ok, but cucumbers were (and still are) out of control! I need to learn from you and plant things we can freeze 🙂
  2. Not that I know of 🙂 This was the main landing page for the coin, linked from an email. It’s likely that this was the US page, and they display differently based on IP address. There were lots of interesting historical coins as well. I didn’t buy any, but I would personally be much more likely to buy such a coin direct from the mint so I would have receipt to establish some level of authenticity. I have no ability to identify fakes, so would be willing be pay more for a historical coin that presumably the mint would not sell if fake.
  3. Welcome to the forum! That is a good strategy, and allows you to average in, and therefore smooth out fluctuations in price. Many dealers require at least $100 orders for free shipping, so reaching that threshold before each buy is a good way to minimize costs.
  4. Welcome to the forum!
  5. Ah....yes that seller will have issues 😊
  6. My order receipt says shipping mid September.
  7. I bought one (silver) for this reason as well, but I don’t envision purchasing other graded commemorative £2 coins.
  8. If you follow this link, they have several graded coins for sale (including one extremely expensive PCGS coin!). But it looks like only the £2 silver and gold Mayflowers have the Royal Mint label. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/mayflower/?__ja=tsid%3a38667|kw%3aE2140F&utm_medium=email&utm_source=product-launch&utm_campaign=2020-08-com-mayflower&utm_content=main-cta
  9. It certainly could. The price even with £12 shipping included, delivered to the USA is £90.60 (because they remove VAT). That is less expensive than MCM prices for equivalent Royal Mint PF70s.
  10. I noticed that the Royal Mint is now selling graded coins with their own NGC label. Has anyone seen this before? I’m wondering if this Mayflower coin the first one with the Royal Mint label https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/mayflower/400th-anniversary-of-the-voyage-of-the-mayflower-2020-2-pound-silver-proof-slabbed-coin/
  11. I have sold to APMEX, JMBullion, and Provident (the last two are now the same company). I’ve tried to get bids from SD, but have given up since they were never the highest in my experience It really does depend what you’re selling. Generally I’ve found that I get the best prices if I look on the various sites and get.bids on items that are out of stock. I always call to get bids, and yes, very often there are egregious hold times on days when there’s a big move in the markets☹️ Almost everything I’ve sold has been Queen’s Beasts bullion, so my experience is limited to these coins. My strategy was to purchase when premiums are low at new issue, and sell when the premiums were higher. This worked out well, because even if no premiums were to develope, the newest issues always are available at lower premiums than basic ASEs. These dealers pay premiums, but nowhere near what they sell them for on their sites. The main benefit of selling to the dealers in my opinion is that you can move larger quantities of bullion quickly and with very limited risk. You also don’t need to photograph items, and write descriptions. You pay for these benefits with lower purchase prices than you’ll get selling on the forum, or on eBay. It’s not economical at all to sell lower dollar amounts to the dealers, given that you need to pay for shipping and insurance. To get the best prices, and with lower quantities, I think selling on the forum is the best option. There is no 10% fee to eBay, and if you put a coin up for sale at a lower price than dealers sell it, it usually goes quickly. Good luck with your sales! 🙂
  12. Welcome to the forum!
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