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  1. Welcome to the forum!
  2. Welcome to the forum! I am also a fan of the Queen's Beasts, and started buying some of the Tudor Beasts. I would personally place a higher value on the Queen's Beasts and would be surprised if the Tudor Beasts ended up as popular. They are still nice coins in my opinion, but to this point I do prefer the Queen's Beasts from a design perspective. The Tudor Beasts also came along at a point when the Royal Mint has introduced a huge number of coins many more sizes and metals (even different edges!) than when the Queen's Beasts were released. That said, I'm still buying some of the Tudor Beasts, as I still like them for my own collection. I would be pleasantly shocked if they do as well as the Queen's Beasts.
  3. 14 thumbs down for a charity appeal? Sadly for them, they've inspired me to send in payment for 14 more tickets! 🙂 Thank you for doing this despite the trolls.
  4. The "duck head" geographic region is Ukraine. I guess I can see it, on the ones rotated 90 degrees 🙂
  5. I just purchased some tickets as well. Thanks again for organizing this fundraiser!
  6. I agree with this point, although I did buy one of the brand new 2022 sovereigns as I really like the design and wanted to keep it in good condition. So if you are looking to buy two sovereigns, maybe get one 2022, and one for as inexpensive as possible. And welcome to the forum!
  7. Welcome to the forum! You can search for the member you’d like to contact in the directory, and then send a private message. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like any help.
  8. Welcome to the forum! In the US I like @BullionExchanges and SD Bullion when it comes to price, and APMEX for selection. It’s also a good idea to introduce yourself of the Welcome New Members thread. This forum is a great place to buy as well!
  9. I think the design is ok, and I certainly prefer the Queen's Beasts to this point as far as designs go, but I'm still buying the bullion. I think it's very hard to go wrong at new release, even if you hate the design (assuming you want to buy metals, as you are still exposed to spot price changes). As an example, here are the current prices at SDBullion (where I bought) for a single coin: 1oz gold 2022 Tudor Lion: $1,946.99 1oz gold 2022 Britannia: $1,952.70 1oz gold 2022 Eagle: $1,982.86 1oz gold 2022 Maple: $1,964.70 1oz gold 2022 Kangaroo: $1,952.70 You get an oz of gold (same story with the silver, and 1/4oz gold) for less than other bullion, plus a free embedded option that a premium will develop. This was also true of every one of the Queen's Beasts...they were cheaper than other bullion at release, and of course a nice premium did in fact develop. And if there is never a premium, this coin is not going to be worth less than other of the other coins above. The other coins will also almost certainly not develop a premium. So assuming you want exposure to gold or silver, I think these are a great buy.
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