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  1. Welcome to the forum!
  2. Welcome to the forum! It was the Queen’s Beasts that drew me in...
  3. I probably follow this series too closely, but we all need hobbies 🙂
  4. On this side of the pond they sold out from dealers at just under $600 per (I posted a listing picture a few pages back).
  5. I agree it looks to be the most popular, and I’ve seen the kilo silvers of the regular 10 beasts for sale in the past at nowhere close to this price, but they could have appreciated of course.
  6. @LawrenceChard Here it is at $8,095. One of the most expensive kilo coins I’ve ever seen!
  7. Welcome to the forum!
  8. I haven't seen any yet, but I think APMEX will list one soon. If you look at their listing for the one kilo silver proof, it says "Coming Soon". In my experience, this is what the listing shows when an item has not yet been put up for sale. Other items that have already been listed and sold, such as the kilo Griffin, say "Currently Out of Stock". I'll take a screenshot if I happen to notice it for sale.
  9. Changed from “For Sale” to “Completed”.
  10. Yes, and same to you. Glad you’re back!
  11. Welcome back! I think you might have won my very first Silver Forum Christmas prize draw, but it could be another Jordie. 🙂
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