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  1. I’m glad you like it! I remember it was quite a quite long journey with holiday postal delays, but it eventually arrived safely 😊
  2. I’m in as well! The same prize as the past two years: a 1/10oz gold Eagle.
  3. I received my silver chess set from @BackyardBullion and a handmade board from BYB senior. It’s incredible, and they truly did an amazing job. The pictures look great, but they don’t do it justice. Right down to the weights and hallmarks on every piece, the craftsmanship is awesome. This is the nicest thing made of silver that I own. Thank you!! 😊
  4. As you said, USPS does not prohibit precious metals in its network. However, it does look like USPS technically prohibits precious metals to the UK, based on this listing of import restrictions imposed by destination countries: https://pe.usps.com/text/imm/tz_018.htm That said, I’ve never heard of any issues posting to the UK, other than it’s much slower than UPS, FedEx, or DHL. Edit: It looks like the main risk is seizure of restricted items in the destination country, but again I’ve never heard of this happening with precious metals posted to the UK: 131.32 Prohibi
  5. I get those as well, and it looks to come from the same place based on the label (BOLD precious metals). The tubes in the monster box do not come taped, but some dealers apply tape when full tubes are purchased individually to prevent the coins from popping the cap off in transit. There’s no way to ensure they weren’t touched, however since yours were likely purchased during presale because you’ve got them already, they’re almost certainly untouched. BOLD does not send coins for grading, so there would be no reason to empty the tubes prior to shipping to a customer. In my opinion, buyi
  6. Thanks to @TheCoinConnection for providing top quality coins! 100% PF70 on the 4 gold Beasts I sent in to NGC πŸ™‚
  7. I noticed @BullionExchanges now has these for sale (along with the platinum version). This is the first I've seen these πŸ™‚ https://bullionexchanges.com/catalogsearch/result?cat=0&q=2021+Queen's+Beasts+White+Lion+of+Mortimer+Coin
  8. Lr103

    Glove question

    It does not matter in my opinion for circulating coins. However if you are selling to a dealer they certainly do care when you are talking about modern bullion such as 5oz American the beautiful silver bullion or Queen’s Beasts. They will pay well above spot for these coins if they are in good condition, and around spot otherwise. They are examples of unlimited mintage (in the year of issue) bullion that could be bought at bullion prices when issued, and develop a premium over time. Some bullion does hold numismatic value, but only if cared for properly. I still have a few I
  9. Thanks! Yes, the forum is a great place to sell πŸ™‚
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