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  1. Are you happy with the results yourself? So this confirms that milk spots will affect any grading score, negatively...
  2. I had just got my returns label from the mint, when my set sold on eBay. I advertised that the set had spots in my listing, mentioned it again when exchanging offers and then messaged the buyer afterward saying that the set had milk spots. I feel like they know what they are getting!
  3. I am trying to build up a deposit for my own home so I will be selling. Thanks for the advice all.
  4. I have also had my returned set sent back to me today. On the whole it’s a vast improvement to the first set. I do though have some spotting on the black bull and the white horse… I really don’t know what to do now… If you bought this on the secondary market would you be happy?
  5. Managed to get one. Now for the inevitable nerves about the quality control! I like the design and its an artist I have not heard of before.
  6. I was told mid-late august to receive my newly struck 2oz set
  7. From customer services: Thank you for your email. If you send an item back to us, we would never give you one that has already been sent back, when you send us one back a coin or a set, we guarantee to send to you in exchange a brand new coin that hasn’t been touched by anyone else. As we have had a couple of these coins back we are more than likely do a re strike on these coins. I do hope this is of use.
  8. Had a reply back from the Head of customer service... I hope we peasants get the same service as those with account managers! "Thank you for your e-mail and I am sorry to hear your disappointed with the quality of the coins you received. When the item is returned to us it will be inspected, if the item is deemed below standard then a replacement set will be issued. If the item meets our standard for a proof coin then the coin set would be sent back to you. Any returns will be assessed on a case by case basis however if we received a pattern or influx of quality issues then of course we will address this internally to understand what has caused this, what could be done to prevent in the future and ensure customers are receiving the high standard of product they expect. I’m sorry that it hasn’t met your expectation this time but please be reassured we will put this right when we have received the return and inspected." Can I demand a re-strike like others are getting? We all deserve one...
  9. Right I'm not mucking about anymore- You can email directly the head of customer service at the mint, (use the email address below if you cant find it on the website) so I have sent this: Feel free to use my template too. HeadofCustomerServices@royalmint.com Queens Beasts 2021 ten coin 2 ounce set Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to let you know how disappointed I was in the quality of the above set I recently received from the Royal Mint and then had to return. This a brilliant series and I have collected almost of the coins and I was delighted to obtain one of these very limited sets. When it arrived immediately I noticed something wrong with a large number of the coins- they were covered in little milk spots, much the same as a decorators radio, if you have ever seen one. For such a prestige set of coins surely this not acceptable? I am a member of the silver forum, and there is a thread on there where we share images of these coins that we receive. Nearly all of the people on there complained about this same problem- spotting on proof coins. I would recommend you read this thread- https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/50701-queens-beasts-set/ to see for yourself the multiple issues experienced by the purchasing members. What will happen to my returned set now? As so many of the sets have experienced problems will you be re-striking these coins to honour your customers? I do hope so. How could these coins have been sent out, given that the spotting was obvious to anyone looking? Is quality control in need of improvement? Please take action on this issue as I would hate to be put off from purchasing proof coins from the mint in the future. Yours sincerely,
  10. The mint have received my returned set but it has not been inspected yet. The chap did say that if enough people return the sets then a re-strike is likely. The absence of a concrete policy on this matter is a little alarming, and the customer service people seem to give generic responses. He did say that over 100 sets still need to be sent out/minted, so chances of getting a brand new set are high? All still up in the air a bit really, waiting for them to contact me.
  11. I agree, we really should do something about this other than just return the sets. Thing is, I'm sure we don't want to post tweets and pictures about our complaints (Security), so maybe an email to the customer services address? Someone would need to act as our representative.... I nominate @BackyardBullion I'm sure if they have a letter from 10+ people they will look into what actually happened here. Or we can create a template and send the emails ourselves?
  12. My black bull had spots in exactly the same place Lawrence. Dear me, they have really messed up on this particular set. Mine arrived back with them today, lets see what they say!
  13. My 2 ounce ten coin proof set of QB’s is going back to the Royal Mint. Mainly due to milk spots and some surface scratches. Problems on 4 coins out of 10. I cannot fathom how they have been sent out with spots on.
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