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  1. Did this as well. Thank you.
  2. I got a reply this morning, the strange line on the address is a code for the click and collect option the buyer selected. Not sure I would do that, it was at a newsagents! I also checked with eBay that I would be covered under the seller protection policy- I would be and they were great- they called me within 1 minute and confirmed, and then sent in writing. Then I got a notification that the buyer had left positive feedback- before I had even posted it. So, some things remain strange but on the whole it seems to have gone ok. I used a £1 selling fee deal
  3. Yesterday I messaged him on eBay letting him know my concerns about posting to the address given and if he would update it... now I probably look like a scammer! There is still no response. If I had just bought an expensive coin I would be checking for messages and replying.
  4. I will certainly film it. alarm bells started ringing as i got a strange message on the seller portal on ebay: There is a problem with the delivery address. Please amend this by clicking here. There is a problem with the second line of his address, it contains a lot of random letters??
  5. Thanks for your reply. To be honest they paid immediately and seem like a good ebayer. Postage was free and will be sent Special delivery
  6. Hello all, I sold my wallace and gromit gold proof today on eBay. I am suddenly very worried about being scammed. Should i post the item to the buyer or cancel the sale? Buyer joined in july and has 17 score on positive feedback. Any advice here welcome, i have 3 working days to post it. I wish i had listed it here now
  7. Good evening all, Is anyone able to sell 1 each of the 2oz silver bullion versions of the Yale, the white horse and the white lion and the greyhound? In capsules please. Thanks.
  8. This is your third coin now? Jeez not good.
  9. They haven't even confirmed receipt of my second return yet. They should let us know they have it, right? Calling them today, will update here after.
  10. I think i I think I see a spot at the 12 o’clock just inside the rim. They seem to have sent out international orders first with the correct packaging, and sent the c**p out to domestic buyers. Has anyone had their second return back yet?
  11. I received my replacement today. It’s much better that the first they sent me, but... It has a black dot ⚫️ halfway up just inside the rim on the left hand side and then more on the rim itself. This is clearly visible to the naked eye. I missed the opening hours today but will be on the phone first thing sorting another return. So disappointed.
  12. First Answer: 734 Pellets Second: Ooh arrr get orf my land
  13. Yeah I called customer services and got a free returns label. They scanned it at the post office, it was quite simple. The lady did say they have some replacements in stock but the quality control has been non existent on these. Those black marks- could they be flecks of dust on the dies? Really disappointing so far, I hope they sort it out.
  14. Are those dots on the windscreen of the car? How’s the quality of yours overall?
  15. So I have finally received my silver 5oz special issue. Hugely disappointed. No COA for a start. As well as the coin arriving with these small black dots all over it... oh dear...
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