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  1. Completed ✅. Not sure how to change the status of the thread?
  2. They have a "register your interest" page for the inspired innovations coins. The 2oz will be in there? I see the 1 oz has a mintage of 350...
  3. Looking for offers around 3k. It should be visible to all members quite soon.
  4. If anyone is looking for a gold proof, I have mine up in the ‘for sale’ section
  5. Good afternoon Coinster did you sell on ebay? I am selling my 1oz gold proof...
  6. Good morning all, I am going to have to part ways with my gold proof completer coin. I believe it’s a lovely example, do check the photo. I would entertain offers of £3,000 and above, but it’s yours if you offer £3,400. I am also thinking of sending this to the coin cabinet auction if no takers on here. Please let me know any questions you may have. Postage for free-Royal Mail special delivery.
  7. Wow the silver proofs are on a tear. Going for 3-4 times the original price on eBay...
  8. That is quite a deviation from the advertised photo! Almost comical.
  9. Today I picked up my gold proof 1oz Queens’ Beasts completer coin. It’s stunning! Do let me know if you can spot anything untoward but it seems almost perfect.
  10. Just received my 1oz gold proof. Absolutely stunning coin and from first glances it appears to be perfect. Speck of dust near the lions head perhaps.
  11. Don't know why but I'm really annoyed at the mint for charging £9 delivery on a 2k+ item. Anyone else? Still showing as an open order for me- in fact my account and open orders pages are very buggy and wont load correctly. The menu on the left hand side flashes up and then disappears. Still, I'm confident of receiving one after having been through the same Three Graces angst. And my credit card has been debited woohoo we are in Coinsters
  12. Could it be the Una effect... Any Britannia that is linked to Una and the lion has done very well in the past year. Some of the editions had an Una theme.
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