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  1. Now I’ve looked there are marks on the obverse too. Under the ‘G’ and REG.
  2. Here’s my gothic portrait. Funny how my phones tries to autocorrect to gotcha! My only issue is with tiny piece of the frosting, at the very top of the right hand side of her braid. A very small dot is present, different to the rest. What do you guys think? Would this affect a grading? I have been waiting 2 months for them to send a paid returns form via email- they really are in a poor state at the mint right now. I don’t see how that is the consumers issue though, they shouldn’t have released so many coins so close together if they cannot handle it. @BackyardBullion what do you think mate? Return?
  3. Very similar writing style to our Barry! Perhaps you went to the same school
  4. No point unless you have serious dough to spend? I Fancy a look at the catalogue just to dream...
  5. I like this design, hopefully a strong series here coinsters
  6. Found it! Its the St James House Company. Some lovely bits of silver here. Still don't know re the foreign mark
  7. Dear all, can anyone help me identify these hall marks and the makers name? Picked them up in a charity shop recently
  8. You are all just being trolled at this point. Thread muted, lest its content infect.
  9. Mine hath arriveth slight issue with the frosting right side of her braid, directly underneath the crown
  10. The butthurt is so strong with this one. Its only the internet Barry, Barry the marketing whizz that cannot spell.
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