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  1. Nice. Is it identical on both sides of the Christmas decoration / medal?
  2. Some offerings are now out in the catalogue. For some reason, at a first glance, i thought it looks like a coronavirus privy
  3. Not really, it was a username created out of family names combination. But i do see the Tolkien reference after the username creation 😉 Back to the topic, i could imagine different mints releasing its own version of celebration 'Sovereign' next year though...
  4. I also prefer a single, representative sovereign design for this celebration. Leave the gimmicky ideas / varieties to the other product range
  5. Such nice and detailed design. But, another one from the great William Wyon? Anyone knows how many coin design is in the series?
  6. Thanks. I am always very curious if coins in this carded packaging is of better grade? i understand they are bullion, but MS70/69 is always nice. 😉
  7. Hah, my eyes must be failing me I first saw it at £1195 instead of £1995! Gosh...
  8. Also has the 3 coin birthday Celebration set at £1,995.
  9. Looks magnificent on a large coin. Looking forward how it will be like on the smaller 1oz version. No silver for the common folks?
  10. Platinum element for Platinum Jubilee would be nice. How about 91.6% of gold and the remaining as platinum (instead of copper), if it is even possible...
  11. Releasing today @ 9am. Dual Britannias == Dual coins?? https://www.royalmint.com/britannia/2021-britannia-coins/dual-britannias-behind-the-design/
  12. On the silver 3graces, what do you all think of this line across the harp's string? Initially thought as a minor scratch, but it doesn't run across the frosted area though...
  13. Probably for international shipments only? It is on the bottom of the box, with other side the Royal Mail's shipping address info ... I am also curious, if it is a new COA, logically the number should be higher towards the mintage limit?
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