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  1. What a beauty! 😍 Saw many other cases at the background too!
  2. Any news when the new version will be available?
  3. Interesting, now i also saw the 1837 Victoria pattern sovereign... 🙂
  4. We all know that the modern sovereign starts in 1817, where there is a 200 years anniversary in 2017. While searching PCGS population, I saw this surprising 1816 sovereign pattern which is totally different : https://www.pcgs.com/pop/detail/george-iii-1816-1820/4012 And the next year in 1817, we have a totally different design... Image from PCGS
  5. Is there 5 variation for the Victoria young head? I always thought that there are only 2; shieldbacks and St. George
  6. Privy to commemorate events related to the coin itself once in years/decades could be meaningful. I think privy are overused these days for marketing, and loses it's uniqueness...
  7. Interesting silver bar, as 2019/2020 will be remember in years to come due to COVID. A coin version will be interesting too...
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