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  1. It reminds me of some year back, where a seller was trying to sell me 'proof' sovereign coins. He claimed that the fields are highly reflective and is thus a proof coin...
  2. I was controlling myself to look only at the 1sovereign at RM site, but now i am tempted to also complete the set 😅 They look really nice together. I understand that they are bullion coins, how is the condition of the coins in blister pack? Maybe the pursuit for MS70 starts
  3. Many thanks! Only the 1/4 Oz gold version seems interesting to me, maybe due to resemblance to a sov size, yellow gold and nice mintage.
  4. Any mintage information on the different design and variants yet? There are so many types that it is becoming confusing... 😅
  5. Thanks! 6th Feb is a Sunday, does the Royal Mint also launch new item on weekends?
  6. My 2oz silver finally arrived after more than a week in transit! It came in with slightly opened capsule, and thankfully the coin is okay and being hold on one side of the capsule. First impression: I thought the shield would be fully frosted after seeing all the picture, but the one i see seems to give a gradiant kind of frosting which is quite nice. It has more on the edge and almost no frosting at the centre, the lions are frosted though.
  7. If the 2022 sovereign comes with a special Platinum Jubilee edition certicard / blister pack, that might be nice.
  8. I am looking with envy at all the pictures posted here, especially the gold version with the wonderful satiny finish. my 2oz silver is despatched on wednesday, but RoyalMail tracking still showing in transit from Cardiff MC to royal mail site for international shipment. I wonder why the transit from Cardiff MC to another royal mail site took so long since wednesday... 😅
  9. It is for the continuity version. And now it got moved to closed order. Seems all good now
  10. I now have an order added with extension of -1 (i.e. E-116xxxxx-1) for my continuity silver coin order, and stating only the quartered arms. Anyone see similar thing? If i see a pending charges already at my credit card, does it mean the order is confirmed?
  11. I am still quite confused how the "Gothic Crown Quartered Arms and Portrait 2021 UK 2oz Silver Proof" works. Does this means i will automatically get a reserved QV Portrait version when it is released next year? It is quite hectic and i just added it without thinking much... 😉
  12. Here is some mintage information, from https://agaunews.com/the-royal-mints-retrospective-of-william-wyon-continues-with-gothic-crown-the-third-great-engravers-release/ Hope i am lucky enough to get one...
  13. Any news if it is going to be launching first the Queen Victoria or Shield design as reverse?
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