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  1. Sorry I cannot give you a direct answer but its something I've been researching myself for some time. jewellery is much easier to carry around without thinking about it. I've researched melting into jewellery and the cost of it. I think jewellery certainly has a premium upwards of 2 * spot and more in some cases. I had a ring repaired last year and it wasn't cheap, over £500 to repair the ring and mount a new diamond. The only real answer I can give is that it will not devalue the gold in a coin, if anything melted into jewellery (Chains I researched specifically) then its worth mor
  2. Hi All, I dont have any graded silver coins but I am researching them because I want to pick a few up. My question is for fellow collectors who already have graded silver coins. Is there an average cut off point for milk spots. I dont think milk spots ever happen randomly, there must be a process caused by storage, a wash touching the coin etc. Anyway I dont care about the cause as much as how long it takes to spot. Here is a precise example/statement that I am thinking may be true. If I buy three graded coins, all graded at NGC or wherever on the year of release. 2020
  3. Its a joke, when I took out my mortgage my partner had a CCJ, applying with my partner we was declined so I had to apply on my own. Needless to say with only one person to come after in case of default they was happy to lend. But with two they would not provide the mortgage! Go figure, these people are 1st class prize idiots.
  4. This is the last of my clear outs, some scrap silver and the last of my none standard size gold coins. Payment by bank transfer 157.82 in weight of 925 silver. Total pure silver weight is 145.98g The chain is hallmarked but borken (Its repairable but scrap), there are two montreal 925 silver medals and a 2012 britannia. I purchased this silver early on in my stacking so acid tested them so again scrap. I acid tested the 2012 britannia because I thought it was strange that it was a different weight and size to other britannias I had picked up. Haha now I know its because 2012
  5. Guybrush

    FU Royal Mail

    SD covers up to £2500, I would try to claim current spot value. Edit: I think you can pay extra for and additional 2500 cover. Royal mails details of special delivery for valuables such as gold https://personal.help.royalmail.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/91/~/sending-valuables%2C-money-%26-jewellery-in-the-uk Details of £2500 cover with cover up to 10000 as an add on. https://www.royalmail.com/business/shipping/uk-services/special-delivery-guaranteed
  6. I've been wanting to move on some of the smaller gold coins for a while and I now want to put some cash into other investments. For sale is a 2019 full gold sovereign and a 2018 1/10 oz Britannia. Just over 1/3rd of a troy OZ I am selling as bullion but they are very nice coins £500 including special delivery in the UK. (about £25 over spot with postage included) Payment by Bank transfer.
  7. Guybrush

    To open or not?!

    If you have no interest in the coins specifically, keep it sealed. I myself have stopped buying silver unless its a sealed tube simply because when I come to sell I only want to be selling a tube at a time minimum. You can always open up a box, you can always open a tube in it, once open though you cannot go back so unless there is a reason to I would keep it sealed.
  8. You didn't mention it but there is colouring on the mountain top. Very nice effect!
  9. Did you check? My crystal ball shattered this morning so I haven't been able to see. It would be really useful to know. In all seriousness though my 2 pence worth. Everything is looking like the boat sailing! Still a good time to load up? Could be, maybe another dip coming too. The point is if you feel its still a good time to buy then buy if you think a dips coming, dont buy. No-one knows for sure.
  10. I did that last year and purchased a load of spare 1/4oz queens beasts so I could trade for future ones for the set. Worked out really well, I purchased them at £320 per 1/4oz QB coin
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum. This is the number one and best tip there is. Take is slow, find out what types of silver you like and dont like and then slowly accumulate. I think my second best tip would be good book keeping. Write down what you buy, when and how much you paid for it. Knowing your bottom line when you want to put an exit stratergy into force is key
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