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  1. You didn't mention it but there is colouring on the mountain top. Very nice effect!
  2. Did you check? My crystal ball shattered this morning so I haven't been able to see. It would be really useful to know. In all seriousness though my 2 pence worth. Everything is looking like the boat sailing! Still a good time to load up? Could be, maybe another dip coming too. The point is if you feel its still a good time to buy then buy if you think a dips coming, dont buy. No-one knows for sure.
  3. I did that last year and purchased a load of spare 1/4oz queens beasts so I could trade for future ones for the set. Worked out really well, I purchased them at £320 per 1/4oz QB coin
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum. This is the number one and best tip there is. Take is slow, find out what types of silver you like and dont like and then slowly accumulate. I think my second best tip would be good book keeping. Write down what you buy, when and how much you paid for it. Knowing your bottom line when you want to put an exit stratergy into force is key
  5. Tempting because I know someone who this will make a great present for. #thinking
  6. I will do this swap for you. PM incoming
  7. I did write up a reply but I will PM you.
  8. I have a spare I would sell/swap for a fair price.
  9. I would love to see this, dont need proof though. Just know at under a grand I will be buying
  10. I havent purchased silver for some months, even I am thinking is it time to back the truck up!
  11. Dino doesn't look too bad either
  12. A bit too pricey for what I am willing to pay for silver, but a very nice looking coin!
  13. Hi All, I've decided I wont be keeping my 2020 brexit sovereign that I have as a confirmed order from the coin connection. Its not in hand but they expect it to ship to me next week. I ordered early so rather than return it, someone on here may like to have it. £858.40 including special delivery in the UK. Payment by bank transfer please.
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