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  1. You didn't mention it but there is colouring on the mountain top. Very nice effect!
  2. Did you check? My crystal ball shattered this morning so I haven't been able to see. It would be really useful to know. In all seriousness though my 2 pence worth. Everything is looking like the boat sailing! Still a good time to load up? Could be, maybe another dip coming too. The point is if you feel its still a good time to buy then buy if you think a dips coming, dont buy. No-one knows for sure.
  3. I did that last year and purchased a load of spare 1/4oz queens beasts so I could trade for future ones for the set. Worked out really well, I purchased them at £320 per 1/4oz QB coin
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum. This is the number one and best tip there is. Take is slow, find out what types of silver you like and dont like and then slowly accumulate. I think my second best tip would be good book keeping. Write down what you buy, when and how much you paid for it. Knowing your bottom line when you want to put an exit stratergy into force is key
  5. Tempting because I know someone who this will make a great present for. #thinking
  6. I will do this swap for you. PM incoming
  7. I did write up a reply but I will PM you.
  8. I have a spare I would sell/swap for a fair price.
  9. I would love to see this, dont need proof though. Just know at under a grand I will be buying
  10. I havent purchased silver for some months, even I am thinking is it time to back the truck up!
  11. Dino doesn't look too bad either
  12. A bit too pricey for what I am willing to pay for silver, but a very nice looking coin!
  13. Hi All, I've decided I wont be keeping my 2020 brexit sovereign that I have as a confirmed order from the coin connection. Its not in hand but they expect it to ship to me next week. I ordered early so rather than return it, someone on here may like to have it. £858.40 including special delivery in the UK. Payment by bank transfer please.
  14. Yeah I was wondering if its best to just leave it, hence the post. I personally dont think the price will come down though. In general sellers will want the extra for them selves. Still I will leave everything and once he has it buy myself the double sovereign
  15. Here is an interesting one, I did actually sell coin on ebay and have now received the £1 offer. Now I never really intended to flip it but considering what I could get and the fact I would prefer the 2020 double bu sovereign I figured it was better for me to sell it and get another coin I prefer at a better price with a nice discount. So I am happy with the sale, the buyer has paid and we have spoke. Seems a nice gentleman. I am considering contacting the buyer, because. I would be happy to cancel the order at his request. Relist with the £1 offer and let him have the £100's of pounds saving. I am happy with what I got to I dont mind him getting the saving. Will this be a hastle from ebay's point of view who I suspect I may have problems getting the sold fees back from.
  16. It wont sell for that, most bidders put their bid in within the last 5 mins of an auction so at the last min it will rise to the true market value.
  17. I still think people are overlooking this coin. Yes RM have jacked up the price to make a quick profit but there is good reasoning and if I was a business I would too. Brexit has full media attention, over 50% voted for it. That means half of the population want "brexit" the demand for these coins is going to be higher simple as that. If you was running a business you would see the increased demand and cater for it. In fact that all business is. Here is the trick I think is being missed. There are 1500 coins, lets say because of the increased demand half end up in the hands on none sovereign collectors. They will handle them and show them off to their other brexit friends or feed them to their British bulldog while taking their brexit facebook picture. I think the long game here is going to be a winner, its a significant date and I think high grade coins will be hard to come by. Of course time will tell but the general interest in brexit and not sovereigns no wonder its sold out. In fact its likely to bring more attention to sovereigns in the long run.
  18. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Strike-on-day-Brexit-sovereign-UK-coin-gold-exclusive-rare-withdrawal-EU-SYO/193284463929?hash=item2d00a6dd39:g:A4gAAOSwYSFeMuZ3 LOL, dont blame them although its a high price if I had of ended up with one I would have flipped it too!
  19. Thanks, I wasnt massively interested but this is enough information for me to just go and get some sleep
  20. They need a new IT manager, the one they have dont know what they are doing. Get more servers and load balance them. No need for queues or cloudflare or any other duct tape solutions that dont actually work.
  21. They have a queue but even when you get in their website hangs so its unlikely I will be able to get any even if I wanted them.
  22. Are there any details about when on Friday these coins are released?
  23. I think people may be missed something here, "brexit" has media attention (BBC news etc) and there are going to be many more people after this who are not even coin collectors/gold bugs etc. Royal mint know this thats why they have jacked up the price. Greedy and lazy yes but... This means that they are likely to go into stupid peoples hands! They will maul them, handle them and treat them like any other new toy for a month or two. Long term this may be better for the MS70 collectors. I myself would be after the SOTD sov and I think this is out of the price range of said stupid people so I think I will give it a miss. The silver proof at £60 quid may be worth taking if this is what happens. Sadly only time will tell and Royal Mint have certainly not catered for their usual customer for the brexit coins.
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