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  1. It's already there! St George on the horse is overseer, and double headed tsar russian eagle is patrolling the sky warning about possible hungry dragon attack. Sorry for offtop.
  2. Yes, quite weird zoo though. Pandas, eagles, springboks, Kookaburras etc. housed in philharmonic theatre, surrounded by maple forest and guarded by Queen's Beasts.
  3. Actually arrived yesterday. First Pandas (2016 and 2017) in my humble collection (i'm still quite new to stacking, I started buying PM in January).
  4. Hello everyone Today I'd like to show you 1 oz of .999 silver coin with face value of 200 000 Polish Zloty from 1992. In 1995 there was redenomination of the currency so 200 000 became only 20 Polish Zloty (around 4 GBP). Very nice coin in my opinion.
  5. Hello Everyone Thank you for the content here. I found that forum on BackyardBullion youtube channel and I see it's a mine of very useful information and nice deals. I'm quite new to stacking or collecting. I bought my first bullion in January and now I know I should have started earlier 😉. I'm "sitting" on around 50oz of silver and around 1,3oz of gold at the moment and i hope these numbers will grow. I realized that in these uncertain times it's important to start thinking about some financial backup. And also looking at shiny coins or bars, holding them in your hands and realizing they're yours 😅 it's very hm... , you propably know what I'm talking about. Kind regards
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