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  1. What’s better than Gold and Guns? Golden Guns! Little entertainment...Enjoy!
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  6. Here are some more pics... ”Pale Horse” “The Pacifier”...also, she was the newest ship, so the baby of the bunch! ”The Dog”...because she was an old ship that had seen better days. And “Uncle Bob”, named after Capt. Wilson, a black pilot in D Troop Scout Platoon.
  7. @MickB, Thank you very much for highlighting your militaria today! I don’t recall him having a favorite piece of artwork, perhaps “Pale Horse”. He painted “The Pacifier”, a large baby’s pacifier and text on the “dog house” of his Company Commander’s Loach because he kept complaining that everyone else had done artwork on their bird, and so he wanted some as well...There is a double meaning to the art work, as it was commonly known to “pacify” the enemy...but also to pacify the Company Commander!😆 He also did one named “Stump Jumper”...that has a guy jumping over a wooden stump...but the term “Stump Jumper” also has a sort of backwoods type of meaning as well!😂
  8. This is one of the Loaches my father flew in during the war. He also painted artwork on the helos, as is seen on “Pale Horse”. Some of his work is also cited in “Vietnam War Helicopter Art” Vol.1.
  9. Yeah, I’ll say! Hugh Mills was one of those valiant Loach pilots! One of the best! He is smiling so broadly thinking “Thank God! Made it back in one piece again!!”
  10. Very cool! Looks to be “chicken plate” body armor. Worn frequently by helicopter crews during Vietnam War...example seen here... My father was an OH-6 “Loach” Crew Chief and Door Gunner during the war.
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  12. Added the fourth in the Rwanda Nautical...2020 Rwanda 1 oz Silver Nautical Ounce Mayflower Proof.
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  14. Better jump on them now before Richard buys them all up!😁 Or I get tempted with another!😁 Chris is awesome to deal with, by the way!!
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