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  1. Thank you, will check @CoinsOfTheRealmAuctions out 👍
  2. I too would be interested in getting my 2022 three coin set graded. Could someone please point me in the right direction as never used a grading service before 😃
  3. Has anybody received their Nectar points yet? They landed next day last time but maybe because it's the weekend there is a delay. At least my sovereign has arrived which is something 🙃
  4. I got the max allowance of 15000 Nectar points by buying a 2021 sovereign. Bring on the next points giveaway 🤑
  5. I'll probably just turn the 15000 points into £75.00 of ebay vouchers.
  6. You'd be a fool not to buy one, Bullion By Post aren't taking the hit....but someone is at £75.00 for each sovereign they sell.
  7. I have just gone ahead and purchased that exact item. I mentioned this Nectar points offer when I introduced myself the other day 😉
  8. I have to second the above. I too have moments ago received the Three-Coin Set and everything looks perfect. I must admit I was prepared for the worst but I have to give 10/10 to the Royal Mint for this set. As for service that's more like 5/10 as I ordered this item on the day of release before 9am (yes I was one of the lucky ones on the Silver Forum at that time) and upto now have yet to receive any communication from the Royal Mint regarding my order and didn't receive my order until today. I had to chase the Royal Mint the whole time and they eventually gave me a tracking number on Tuesday via the online chat so I knew it was on it's way. Now all I have to do is decide where I'm going to put the set. I would like to grade them for my personal collection but as I've never graded coins before I'm not too sure where to begin. The other option is to keep them in their box but it's a bit bulky to hide under the mattress. Good luck to everyone else who has yet to receive their orders.
  9. That's what I thought, I spent £200 on some unusual silver bars and got about £13.00 in points for that purchase which was 15x nectar bonus so 50x sounds even better. Thank you for all the welcomes 😃
  10. Thank you, it's only taken me three years to post something.
  11. Just to follow up my post, I just googled 'voyeur' and perhaps I should have used a better word 🤭
  12. Hello everyone, I've been on here for quite a while but have never posted, you could call me a voyeur. Just saw this 50x nectar points offer on ebay and thought I'd share it with everyone as these things can go unnoticed. I expect you can use the offer when buying precious metals as I recently used the 15x nectar points offer when buying bullion from a very well known seller on ebay. Hopefully this offer hasn't been mentioned already. If it has well at least I've introduced myself....finally.
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