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  1. Hello everyone Since the starting price has not brought you enthusiasm, I will reduce the price. It should be noted that the first coin in the Lunar series can already be considered rare, as it belongs, as you know, to a limited edition. To get an idea of its constant valuation, see how much it already costs: https://goldsilver.be/pm-lunar-3-mouse-14-oz-gold-2020 I sell this set of three gold coins pack for a reduced price of 1,300.00 € 1260,00€ Preferred payment method: bank transfer. Shipping costs to be paid by the buyer. Any questions, or additional clarification, I am at your disposal, via PM
  2. I walked around trying to understand why I wasn't able to create a topic, and only later did I read one of the rules of this forum. I have to wait for one to reach a certain plateau before I can put my gold coins up for sale.😝 But I'm sure as soon as you see them... you'll want them hehehe, as they belong in limited editions. Btw, is there a minimum of messages also to customize our profile? Still can´t add a photo 😕 Thx in advance. Siderius.
  3. Wow, what a warm welcome. Thx everyone Can you please point me the right diretion? I have two gold coins that I want to sell. Certainly this forum is the proper place. A direct link for the proper section would help (noob here) 😝
  4. Hello everyone! It gives me great pleasure to register here for several reasons. A person very dear and close to me was a regular member of this forum, and shared with me the wonders he found. Draconicus, as he liked to be known. He even bought you some silver bars with the symbol of the house (the pickaxe) and ended up offering them to me as a birthday present. It was one of the best gifts of my life!! However, he is no longer with us physically, so I had to take the initiative to register here and be able to benefit from this very healthy community. Thank you all! Daniel Mota, aka Siderius.
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