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  1. I see you are talking about the token https://pmgt.io..I didn't even know about that. I was talking PM Depository Online, https://www.perthmint.com/storage/depository-online.html which is run by Pert Mint itself afaik, I think this whole thread was about their crisis earlier last year. (just noticed the website is down at the moment and for another 5 days for upgrades, Wow, talk about real time liquidity...another red flag right here...I expect 99.9% uptime)
  2. Was there any conclusion to that whole situation was with Perth Mint, and what it is now? I was thinking about putting part of my money into their online depository, in addition to holding physical, until I came upon this whole story of their crisis of with the unallocated silver. Checked a few internet posts on that, and saw a Reddit post last year that analyzed their balance sheet and concluded they only had like 4% of the actual metal, and the conclusion by the likes of Joe Adams that basically all unallocated schemes are a type of scam, and not just Perth Mint, but others as well. I would go with Allocated, but at this point I just don’t see how I can trust Perth Mint at all……… if they allowed such mishandling of the unallocated metal, then all their claims of extra security and being backed by the government all go down the drain. I can’t find any recent reports if there was any resolution to that whole story, if people quit their program in droves, or if they made any attempts to restore their reputation?
  3. True...US Mint only sells proofs and uncirculated directly to public, which all have a huge markup.
  4. That’s very good advice…. Are there official specifications from the mints on each bullion coin? Especially on the thickness, would it have different measures at the edges vs. center because of the relief, or the same? Is there advice here on the forum on scales, calibration, caliper models?
  5. MetalGerry


    You betcha they do. Says right there in the article - published to the dark web. As I mentioned, the Perth Mint was even closer to home...and that's a major worlds mint, not just some dealer... https://www.bankinfosecurity.com/perth-mint-says-3200-customers-affected-by-data-breach-a-11521
  6. MetalGerry


    Good points, and probably deserves a separate topic on the cyber part of anonymity... in the end, everything can be traced, the question is how difficult you make it to do. Unless they know someone stacks millions in assets, they're not going through the trouble of sophisticated cyber hacking directed specifically towards a single individual. So being just a small time stacker I am not worried that much either. But I still don't want my information to be exposed as part of a mass breach. Hacking the entire database of dealer accounts is something common to expect. Check the last years reports of Perth Mint accounts breached en masse.
  7. MetalGerry


    Like I said in my post, I am also not concerned about confiscation because the government will get to you one way or the other. But I am concerned about my data getting in the hands of malicious people, or leaking of it online, and now your name and address is exposed as someone who stacks PMs.
  8. Thank you all for your welcomes! So, here goes the #1 newbie cry of course – how do I know my gold bullion will be real??😬 I am starting with regular non-collectible gold bullion for asset-keeping. Somehow the standard advice I pick up from Google search is not very reassuring - precise measures of weight/size, pings, magnetism test etc – seems doubtful I myself can conduct those tests properly and with confidence, and even if I can, they say there are some fakes that pass the tests… So does it all just come down to “buy from a reputable dealer” and have my fingers crossed that reputable dealers have superhuman powers not to let any fakes through?? 😬 What about sticking to Maple Leafs verified by a DNA reader – does that really provide much higher guarantee compared to others?
  9. First, yet another sorry from yet another newbie for asking yet another question that’s been answered somewhere in this forum for sure … I’ve been doing my homework, but still have questions… If there is already a thread that answers specific questions below, would be much obliged if someone point me to the right source. Goal: buy gold bullion coins in US. Regular circulated coins as non-collectable assets (not proof, not uncirculated) to get the best value from what I’ve learned. I prefer 1oz and 24ct, so I assume Buffalos is the choice in the US, but Maple Leafs or Kruggerands may do as well, since for asset keeping and easy cash-out proposes they are all fine choices, from what I’ve read online. Main question: Local dealer or online order from JMBullion or AMPEX? Being new I just want the best condition bullion without much hassles since I don’t have experience evaluating pre-owned coin authenticity or condition. What I need to understand: - JMBullion, AMPEX, Fidelitrade are listed as “authorized” dealers that buy direct from US Mint. Does that mean I will be getting brand new freshly minted Buffalos, or possibly pre-owned ones as well? - If I buy from a local shop, I assume I will be getting pre-owned ones, or do they also sell brand-new? - I’m afraid to be sold a fake bullion, or a bullion not in a pristine condition, so not feeling good about local shops. Am I right to assume the “authorized” online dealers above will be a safe choice for a beginner? If this is better posted to the Gold forum, please feel free to move........
  10. MetalGerry


    My desire for anonymity would be less about government confiscation, and more about theft and break-ins to my house. How do I know my identify would not be leaked from the dealer at some point to where criminals can have access to it? I have zero confidence on safeguarding data or paper records at a local mom-and-pop coin shop. Tell me if I am being too paranoid about it….
  11. is this forum mostly UK-based? Seems like a lot of members are from UK
  12. Thanks for having me on this forum. In the US and thinking of buying my first bullions, despite all time high costs....seeing the inflation in the US is climbing up... Right now focused on deciding on buying online vs. local dealers. Very much afraid of being sold a fake coin by a dealer since I have no idea how to tell... don't really have much confidence in general in local shops, even those that are listed on the official dealer locator page on the US Mint website... Thinking that buying online from "Authorized Purchasers of US Mint bullion" may be safer for a beginner...
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