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  1. Morning. I’ll take a set of 5 @ that price. Please shoot me a DM
  2. We don’t have kids so every oz of silver/gold bought is MINE! (Well ours lol) I buy gold as a retirement asset but buy silver coz - as I’ve said many times on here before - I love pirate treasure! One thing that has dawned on me however, during this crazy covid time - is how difficult it has been to off load PMs with all the PM shops closed, travel restrictions and the general difficulty to our day to day lives. We consider PM’s a safe asset during turbulent times. You can’t get much more turbulence at the moment than covid! If it wasn’t for the Silver Forum members who have continued to buy/sell during this time then I question how effective offloading assets would have been.
  3. I believe we’ll see gold at US3,000 before the year is out
  4. You could sell High now to pay Low later when the price falls again and get more gold/silver for your buck ... and do it all over again 👍🏻
  5. Yes you can add the spot price to a cell and it will calculate. You can also add a % increase of your choice. There are lot’s of online guides to make these formulas on the web. Have fun.
  6. But that’s a contradiction surely? if someone bought this and passed it on could the new owner know the location of the previous owner? you should be able to see the history of the product about when and where it was scanned.
  7. Morning a good place is The European Mint in Europe. Good prices. Reliable. Friendly. Many of us use them so that’s a good reputation. They take different forms of payment. I would steer clear of using a creditcard unless you are the type of person who pays the credit card 100% each month. Some of us use payment cards like TransferWise which cuts down on international bank transfer fees. have fun!
  8. I don’t think we’re really emerging from the 1st lockdown ...
  9. and another one I’ll leave you to do some more searching now you know how simple it is 👍🏻
  10. here’s one from earlier - searches are easy to do Added 0 minutes later... and another one
  11. Yes there are. But please remember that not all 1 oz bars are the same size and shape - just because they weigh 1 oz. So if you are gonna buy some make sure you check the dimensions first. I have bought Lighthouse capsules in the past.
  12. If you are stacking/collecting as a form of wealth then keeping a track of your assets is a good idea. A ledger book, spreadsheet etc will help you understand what your asset value is +/- and keeping receipts is handy if you want to sell on the private market. With the price of PMs steadily rising week on week it’s nice to sometimes look at your value and appreciate how much your assets have increased in value compared to how much interest your bank would have paid out. And if you calculate your price per oz then that will help keep you calm when purchasing at the moment with today’s high premiums.
  13. At that price I’d want p&p included!
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