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  1. Just like with PM’s when someone says they’re limited edition - you just gotta grab some before they run out!
  2. Davidoff Late Hour 2020 Limited Edition 4x38 Medium-Full I can see why Davidoff made this a Limited Edition - what an extraordinary smoke! A nice 30-40 minute smoke sitting in the garden with my favourite golf magazine and a glass of crisp white dry French wine. A perfect draw and excellent burn throughout. Started off smooth and creamy in the 1st third which took me to a slightly more fuller flavoured leathery 2nd third followed by a rich peppery final third. The wrapper was dark and chocolatey rich in oils which added to a splendid taste of rum on the lips. Go get some quick while they are back in stick - as a limited edition they already sold out once this year!
  3. DavidoffPrimeros Nicaragua Panetella4 1/8x34 Medium Having enjoyed the Dominican I decided to try the Nicaraguan and this one was ever better! Despite being a tad stronger as a Medium blend it was definitely creamier and smoother. Excellent draw and kept it’s burn well - as expected from Davidoff. I’ll be picking up a tin of 5 to keep in the shed - ready for the autumn (gardening). Also comes as a Maduro so might try that too.
  4. You could sell High now to pay Low later when the price falls again and get more gold/silver for your buck ... and do it all over again 👍🏻
  5. Yes you can add the spot price to a cell and it will calculate. You can also add a % increase of your choice. There are lot’s of online guides to make these formulas on the web. Have fun.
  6. Because we can’t fly out to Hawaii for the golf this year, we decided to rock the Aloha spirit with our masks instead 😷
  7. Davidoff Primeros Dominican Panetella 4 1/8x34 Light-Medium When lit gave off a great smell of cigar smoke easily identified to Davidoff. Nice draw and bangs of flavour. A wintery warmth that was received well on an overcast blustery summer’s afternoon. A nice 20 minute pause during the afternoon with a cup of tea was just the ticket. Would go well with a sweet cognac or a ruby red port.
  8. But that’s a contradiction surely? if someone bought this and passed it on could the new owner know the location of the previous owner? you should be able to see the history of the product about when and where it was scanned.
  9. Morning a good place is The European Mint in Europe. Good prices. Reliable. Friendly. Many of us use them so that’s a good reputation. They take different forms of payment. I would steer clear of using a creditcard unless you are the type of person who pays the credit card 100% each month. Some of us use payment cards like TransferWise which cuts down on international bank transfer fees. have fun!
  10. I don’t think we’re really emerging from the 1st lockdown ...
  11. If the government can’t keep tabs on benefit fraud - they’ll not be able to keeps tabs on our gold.
  12. Im amazed that people think it safe to go to the pub, safe to go to Nandos, safe to go to the beach, but NOT SAFE to go to school! Naturally, we don’t have children.
  13. Took this out on the golf course today, now we’re back out there with good weather too! 4 3/8x40 long and Medium strength A very mellow and relaxing smoke. Spicy start and finish with clear tastes if cinnamon and nutmeg. Middle third was vanilla and coffee. Would be nice with an espresso or two.
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