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  1. and another one I’ll leave you to do some more searching now you know how simple it is 👍🏻
  2. here’s one from earlier - searches are easy to do Added 0 minutes later... and another one
  3. Davidoff Signature #2 Right off from the start this exquisite and classic cigar proved to be value for money. At 6” long with a 38 ring gauge you would be forgiven for thinking this would be a challenge - but the well crafted cigar had a fast but even burn and came in at around 30 mins. I sat in the garden early afternoon just after lunch on late May bank holiday weekend and paired it with a full chilled glass of white zinfandel and the strawberry zest of the wine bounced merrily with the oily, chocolatey, caramel flavours of the cigar. Not convinced? Tell that to yourself next time you and your significant other share chocolate dipped strawberries in the bath! A good smoke with noticeable changes of flavour throughout from the first through to the last third. Slightly peppery and spicy on the final third that saw the smoke come to a satisfying end. At around £24 a stick this definitely one to save for a special or self indulgent moment in time.
  4. Have you tried one of those Camacho’s yet? I’ve watch a lot of reviews these last two weeks and am quite tempted to pick up a Connecticut robusto.
  5. Yes there are. But please remember that not all 1 oz bars are the same size and shape - just because they weigh 1 oz. So if you are gonna buy some make sure you check the dimensions first. I have bought Lighthouse capsules in the past.
  6. If you are stacking/collecting as a form of wealth then keeping a track of your assets is a good idea. A ledger book, spreadsheet etc will help you understand what your asset value is +/- and keeping receipts is handy if you want to sell on the private market. With the price of PMs steadily rising week on week it’s nice to sometimes look at your value and appreciate how much your assets have increased in value compared to how much interest your bank would have paid out. And if you calculate your price per oz then that will help keep you calm when purchasing at the moment with today’s high premiums.
  7. At that price I’d want p&p included!
  8. I picked up a Trinidad Reyes today, and although I can’t play golf for the moment with all this lockdown I’m hoping this little robusto will help take my mind off it!
  9. This is a very good price at the moment. General retail in Canada is currently above £20 per oz. And the Royal Canadian Mint has been closed due to Covid19 so RCM silver is hard to come by at moment. If you want them - get them - prices will change quickly up/down.
  10. After a couple of hours in the garden yesterday cutting back my neighbors crabapple tree and my overhanging hydrangea I settled down with the first cigar I took delivery of this year - and my first Hoyo de Monterrey the Epicure #1. At 5 1/2 inches long with a ring gauge of 50 this was gonna be a good 45 min smoke. I was promised notes of vanilla, coffee, nuts and caramel sweetness and I confess to only detecting the good flavors and the sweetness when I got to the second half. The cigar had a good draw, even smoke and was well packed with a good filler. Admittedly I think this one was a bit of a challenge for me, so I’m not gonna rush out to get another one. But I will try some more from the factory as I know this is a popular brand. I like my robustos and I have one resting from last weeks delivery.
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