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  1. Exactly as I see it as well. They are aggressively targeting gold and silver now... because if gold and silver are cheap, it means the dollar is a-okay and valuable! Right? RIGHT???? *rolleyes* In fact, it just screws small investors in precious metals, because it will cause higher premiums to buy, but peanuts to sell on. So we're stuck with precious metal but can't really sell it for nothing... I wonder for how long this charade will continue.
  2. Special price for this weekend only, £125, including special delivery.
  3. There's no way I'm paying £475 for this coin, which is lighter than a sovereign. The Royal Mint is getting too greedy.
  4. They want to flush out all the retail investor long positions before they buy everything and it becomes unaffordably expensive. It could happen in an hour..
  5. Totally manipulated. And the best buying opportunity in a decade or more!
  6. I hope this is a joke... this design is perhaps good for kindergarten competition but won't be fit for a sovereign coin design!
  7. A few years - 2015, 2016 and 2017 available. And a 2020 Year of the Mouse*. All coins £28 each. For first class signed postage add £2, special delivery £5. Multiple coins purchased = free delivery. All 4 coins total £110, free SD postage. ALL SOLD
  8. Two coins available, perfect condition. £70 each, including first class signed postage. If you want SD add £5. Bank transfer or PayPal FF Thanks! Edit : SALE PRICE £55 each or £100 for both!
  9. Reduction - £140 -- this is a bargain! 😄 Coin is lovely and rare but duplicate and I need to use the cash.
  10. Looks absolutely fabulous!! A must get... certainly from the Royal Mint in November. Hopefully I'm more lucky this time than with the Three Graces.
  11. Bitcoin has had the opposite trend the past day or so, looks like big money is moving into crypto again - - perhaps at the detriment of gold and silver.
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