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  1. I think I'll pass on this one. Could be a nice little earner again if you could afford to buy the expected 2oz gold, which seems to do good in the auctions...but not me at this point. Trying to save up for the later releases this year, i.e Queen's beasts and sovereign. And who knows another strike on the day sovereign?
  2. Not sure it qualifies as a bargain, you're right...
  3. I see BBP has the 2012 proof sovereign boxed for under £800...they usually go for over £1,000.
  4. Quite right, but not emails...instead physical junk mail, loads of it! I sometimes get two per day in the post.
  5. This is their entry product to draw in customers, they don't make much profit on it. Instead, they will get you on their mailing list and try to sell you other more expensive stuff like proof coins.
  6. As title says. Selling as bullion. £22 each, or £42 for both. Price includes 1st class signed for post. Paypal FF or Bank transfer accepted.
  7. 2018 Piedford Proof Sovereign for £760 ... it's 50% off on their regular price, looks like a really good deal whether the sovereign is popular or not. Not that much over spot... https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/proof-sets/proof-sovereigns/2018-gold-piedfort-proof-sovereign-elizabeth-ii-5th-head-boxed/
  8. Are they 1/20 oz or what?
  9. Yes I think you are spot on. Therefore it is understandable why a PF70 is much more expensive and sought after than ungraded and lower grades. The 70 population will probably not grow very much from here.
  10. Yes it seems like it, you probably have a 40% chance for a clean coin to get a 70, if there are still good ones available...and if you get a 70 you can double your money. 69's have been going for between £500 - £700 on eBay, perhaps now you'll get at least £600 for one. And, it looks like this coin will become more valuable with time. In general silver is more in demand these days.
  11. The PF70 silver at the Coin Cabinet auction is currently standing at £1,400, not sure if it's finished yet.
  12. There's one at the Coin Cabinet auction, no?
  13. Indian jewellery sales are not going to dent this bull market of gold, seriously. There are other, more important bullish factors supporting gold on the global market. I can't see any significant fall in the gold price this year. Any dip is just a buying opportunity. £2,000+ before the end of the year. But I personally wish gold would be cheaper this year so I could buy more.
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