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  1. Yes I think you are spot on. Therefore it is understandable why a PF70 is much more expensive and sought after than ungraded and lower grades. The 70 population will probably not grow very much from here.
  2. Yes it seems like it, you probably have a 40% chance for a clean coin to get a 70, if there are still good ones available...and if you get a 70 you can double your money. 69's have been going for between £500 - £700 on eBay, perhaps now you'll get at least £600 for one. And, it looks like this coin will become more valuable with time. In general silver is more in demand these days.
  3. The PF70 silver at the Coin Cabinet auction is currently standing at £1,400, not sure if it's finished yet.
  4. There's one at the Coin Cabinet auction, no?
  5. Indian jewellery sales are not going to dent this bull market of gold, seriously. There are other, more important bullish factors supporting gold on the global market. I can't see any significant fall in the gold price this year. Any dip is just a buying opportunity. £2,000+ before the end of the year. But I personally wish gold would be cheaper this year so I could buy more.
  6. Yeah I think a large proportion of the owners of the gold Una want to keep it long-term. Maybe no flippers anymore. It's a small mintage.
  7. Yep indeed. Although the silver one is also doing really well, proportionately. A PF70 silver proof sold on Ebay a few days ago for £1,275. We will see this weekend what the single PF70 silver does on the Coin Cabinet auction...
  8. You mean the VE75? You guys not received it yet?!
  9. £Sterling is about to fall off a cliff guys. We may see parity with the dollar before the end of the year, despite dollar weakness. Think what this will do to the gold price. Load up while you can.
  10. I get slab boxes from @morezone very easy.
  11. To be honest I don't know many engravers myself, I've only been in this hobby for a little over a year One I do know, though, is Benedetto Pistrucci... we might see something of him? That would be nice.
  12. Some people will always be waiting for a retrace in the price. Some have been waiting since £1,000, saying they wouldn't buy before it has retraced to £800. Well, these kind of people have missed out big time on the recent moves. Don't get used to a certain price level. Gold is now in a bull market and it seems £1,500 is just around the corner.
  13. The Gothic crown won't be easy to replicate, because both sides are special.... and on a modern coin, one side has to be used for the portrait of the current monarch. So, there won't be a fancy Gothic-looking portrait of Victoria on it too. I also don't think they will pick another William Wyon for the next one, but rather a design from another famous engraver.
  14. I don't think gold is too expensive at all, it still has a lot of legs to run this year. The only reason you see less activity at times is because nobody has unlimited funds to buy, especially in these virus days... also, items people are looking for specifically are not always up for sale. Usually sellers try to clear their least desirable products first.
  15. Nice. And yeah, wish I had bought more 😛
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