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  1. Reduction - £140 -- this is a bargain! 😄 Coin is lovely and rare but duplicate and I need to use the cash.
  2. Looks absolutely fabulous!! A must get... certainly from the Royal Mint in November. Hopefully I'm more lucky this time than with the Three Graces.
  3. Bitcoin has had the opposite trend the past day or so, looks like big money is moving into crypto again - - perhaps at the detriment of gold and silver.
  4. The real panic is actually because the virus seems to be hitting high numbers who are fully vaccinated. That is what is freaking them out...
  5. If I had BTC, I would have done just that now. Gold seems to be gearing up for a substantial bull run. Perfect entry point.
  6. Bump, this is still available. Let's round it at £165.
  7. I actually like this first coin (although I admit it could have been more appealing). Alice is perhaps too small in the coin, there is too much background IMO. Even though mintage is lowish, this series does not seem to be popular and selling out.. I was wavering a bit about buying, now I think I'm going to give it a miss and continue to accumulate cash for sovereign and other releases later this year - - which are going to be exciting it seems.
  8. Absutely unacceptable! The rim is clearly full of scratches. I would send back for sure for a replacement.
  9. Well spotted! Indeed a very embarrassing mistake for NGC, they should know better!
  10. goldmember44

    Skint again

    How did you do that? I don't see the 2oz available anymore... EDIT: I see now, on the bullion side.... oh boy! Nice..
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