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  1. Oh? I don't see that... it doesn't show that anymore on the main page. Refresh and you'll see.
  2. I heard it was an infection or something. He recently had the vaccine, maybe he's having some reaction...
  3. The limited edition is for 100 fewer than the total mintage. I wonder if the rest is for a graded presentation, perhaps for the US?
  4. Yay!! I didn't miss it after all 😛 Phew! Edit: I see what you mean now, and have registered. But I could have sworn when Iooked at it the first time there wasn't that option, and it said "No longer available". Really weird, I should have made a screenshot. Or I must have been dreaming...
  5. Isn't the difference made up by the coins in the annual sets? Is there a Piedfort silver proof annual set? My big question is why is there a Piedfort AND a two ounce silver?? Their weights are almost equal, minor difference is that the Piedfort is plain edge with an edge inscription. The two ounce is milled edge. What was the price of the strike on the day sovereign? I missed it.. Sigh.
  6. I got in queue about half an hour before 9, there were a few thousand people before me in the queue. When it got live, only the 2oz silver was left... I tried to buy it, then my card gave a weird error. I tried again, same error. Then I saw it was probably because they coin sold out while I was busy processing the sale... I missed out! Tried to call them on the phone, couldn't get through either. Nothing at Coin Connection either, they are having theirs graded.
  7. One of the lowest mintages BU sovereigns... I got myself one on the forum a few weeks ago too.
  8. That's ridiculous! Talk about trying to milk every penny out of an idea... It's all about maximum profit. But this has zero numismatic value.
  9. The Brexit 50p gold seemed to do well, actually better than the SOTD sovereign in the secondary market. This 50p could be similar in performance, perhaps selling on eBay rather quickly for £1,500 - £2,000 and more.
  10. Well that presents a dilemma for those who have just enough cash for a few Graces coins.. And if this SOTD 50p is bought, it could upset the applecart. It is quite a unique SOTD, the first of its kind, but the thing that bothers me is that there already are other versions of the coin, that are even lower mintage. The normal proof has a mintage of 400 I think, and then there's an even rarer one from the annual sets with the early portrait. Mintage 90?
  11. Got my sovereign delivered yesterday, thank you!
  12. Bullion By Post stopped all silver buying until Monday. Gold still open.
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