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  1. Low mintage. BTW, the domed versions are all on sale now, I got myself a silver proof. Comes in a nice premium box, and the coin looks great. The pictures don't do it justice. And being domed it's something different and unique. First RM domed coin.
  2. I see you can order them from here: https://www.emk.com/de-de/#search:query=libertad&count=18&order=shopsort+desc And yes, they ship to UK, I've used them before.
  3. None of my QB silver proofs have spotted yet, and I've had most for a few years already. About half graded, I'll have the rest graded too as I think it also protects the coin.
  4. I got the silver proof. Can't say the coin excite me very much, but I took a chance on it.
  5. I thought Peter Rabbit was officially finished last year. But I just got the Royal Mint email, saying the latest Peter Rabbit offering for 2021 will be on sale tomorrow morning!
  6. I bought it, arrived yesterday. I like it a lot! I think it's one to keep for the collection. I got the silver proof, would have got the gold if I had the spare cash at the time (mintage insanely low, which almost guarantees this gold proof a high resale value that will grow with time).
  7. Mine got delivered today also, I've been too lazy to post a pic, but it's really fabulous, I like it a lot. And mine is problem - free, will send it in for grading. It also has a low mintage, I think this is one of the better coins this year.
  8. Oh it has? That's good to know, do you have a source or perhaps an exact date?
  9. So what's the deal with the strike on the day sovereign? It's the Queen 's birthday today, but nothing on the website yet, and no email. The former link to that coin is now "not found". I called, and the guy who answered says he doesn't know anything and that I should check back again later or wait for the email. This is very unusual... and to make matters worse, the Coin Connection presale is sold out.
  10. As described, brand new 2021 10th ounce gold Britannia in a fitting capsule. £152, which includes free RM special delivery. Bank transfer or PayPal FF.
  11. A lovely brand new 2021 quarter ounce gold Britannia, in its original Royal Mint capsule. Flawless as received from the Mint. £360, with free RM special delivery Bank transfer or PayPal FF
  12. Well done. I think these won't go out of fashion but will remain an iconic release and very collectable, especially with their relatively low mintages.
  13. Okay I will have a look tomorrow and let you know what I have.
  14. I have about 8 I think, half graded (mostly PF70) and a few of the newer ones that I haven't had the chance grade yet.
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