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  1. I was genuinely surprised at that price the 70 fetched! More than others like the 1989 even.
  2. Well done! Even though I only got around half that for mine... Having sold earlier on, I am genuinely pleased to see the silver Una doing so well. Long may the trend continue!
  3. I got my silver proof set also yesterday. Since you already posted lovely pictures I won't duplicate, but I will just mention that this coin and medal is absolutely stunning, high quality craftsmanship. I could recommend anyone to buy this if still available from the Royal Mint - - the US allocation already sold out on the first day, but not many Brits seem to know about it.
  4. If one didn't get an email from the Royal Mail, you wouldn't know about it just by surfing the site front page. I got myself a silver set, I would have liked a gold one though... mintages are very low for US coins... this will command a nice premium in the secondary market, the gold at least... we'll see about the silver in a few days.
  5. It is available from the Royal Mint too.... gold is already sold out, silver still available. I got myself a silver set. Huge demand for this in the US, it should boost the UK demand too. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/mayflower/
  6. This Covid vaccine news is already priced in, this is a ridiculous futures market kneejerk reaction I think. Possibly it will reverse after US markets open. It has to at some point anyway.
  7. Postman dropped this off today... I like it
  8. Looks like a good site! I had a quick look at the modern sovereign mintages. I like that one can click on each year and they give detailed information about the coin, and any variants issued. It seems very thorough, although still a work in progress I reckon... since I'm seeing some discrepancies with some proof year total compared to what I have on spreadsheet (compiled from several sources including official). My totals on 2014 and 2015 proofs are different. Some of the modern sovereign years have very low mintages and will likely gain value among future collectors. I'm trying to colle
  9. In really good condition, no marks or scratches. Mobile photos don't really do it justice due to reflections. £460, includes Special Delivery Comes with capsule. SOLD, THANKS
  10. If I am to keep what I buy for a considerable time, I would probably buy the new 2021 1oz gold Britannia. What I might do instead, though, is look for an opportunity to make profit and increase the £1600. Such as, buy a James Bond 1/4 oz gold and a few 2oz silver proofs.. they are selling for good profit in auctions. Or any other low mintage coins that are likely to make me a profit in a relatively short period of time... such as buying (if I could find it) a 2017 proof sovereign, boxed, in mint condition, then having it graded by NGC/PCCS to hopefully a PF70, and then sell it again. The
  11. What I don't get is the incredible optimism of giving this silver proof a mintage of 25,000. This type of theme will never sell that much, I would be surprised if a tenth of that sells. I see even the low mintage gold versions are still available. If the Royal Mint is going to release more in this series as they've mentioned, they better produce far fewer coins if they don't want a big loss for the company.
  12. I would not buy a coin when the cert no is blanked out in the advert, unless I know the seller well and have had previous dealings with him.
  13. They were initially cheaper than that at release, I think £280 or £290, but the RM increased their prices later as the price of gold increased.
  14. You should have it graded, looks like a 70 Also, it gets protected in the slab for long term.
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