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  1. I see this 1oz proof has the lowest mintage of all so far, at just over 3,800 in total. So will likely sell out quicker. I ordered one yesterday too.
  2. A good addition, this is going in my next grading submission.
  3. What is going to make you the happiest? If someone gives you a proof sovereign for special gift, or a cheapskate bullion one? Fadeingstar, to answer your question.. the next year's proof sovereigns are normally released towards the end of the year, I think either in October or November. I'll have to check. I'm also trying to save up for that occasion, the 2021 proof release. Get new proof sovereigns directly from the Royal Mint, or else Chards usually sell them at a small discount (but they do add delivery to the price.. all in all should be a bit cheaper than RM).
  4. Sounds like you're all ready to start stacking metal. I wish you the best! I also started very small about a year and a half ago, and back then I never imagined my progress would be as good as it was. It starts small and grows and grows with patience. And it's a lot of fun too
  5. Maybe so, but it's worth mentioning that the cheap Atkinson deal is for second hand old sovs. Their price for the half sovereign like the one H&B sells is £207...which is £8 more expensive : https://atkinsonsbullion.com/gold/gold-coins/sovereign-gold-coins/2020-uk-half-sovereign-gold-coin You also have to mention that the brand new 2020 half sovereign from H&B for £199 also sells much quicker if you want to sell again, and will possibly get you more money on the secondary market than an old dirty half sovereign. So, the H&B deal doesn't look so bad anymore. I don't care a
  6. A really nice set. The 5 sov would look fabulous after some NCS conservation.
  7. What a deal, congratulations! I see even the regular 2017 goes for £1200+ these days at auctions.
  8. A really nice coin, small mintage and even smaller top pop at NGC. Only £165. . Reduced £130 Bank transfer or PayPal FF.
  9. A few more arrivals today. The Bond coin is in perfect condition, it is a guaranteed 70, no doubt about it. I have to congratulate the Royal Mint on this one, the quality and craftsmanship is impeccable.
  10. Or rather, MS70DPL I've seen them graded as proof coins before, they are hard to tell apart. Only the obverse side looks slightly different, the reverse identical. This coin is more rare and valuable than the proof coin, of course, and both are going up in value quite a lot recently.
  11. The postman just came around! Dropped off the 2oz silver Bonds, still waiting for the 1/4 gold. Oh, and a bullion sov to go with the gold price rise The Bond coins seem fine on first inspection.
  12. I see Royal Mint got some in, at a nice price: https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/historic-coins/historic-sovereigns/elizabeth-ii/the-sovereign-1989-500th-anniversary-proof/
  13. This was one of those pre-graded first release coins sent to the US market. I personally think a private grading is more accurate, and a privately graded 70 more sought after than these first releases.. My coin was loads better than this one, and although I got a good price for it I wasn't greedy about it. But these Una coins are really stunning masterpieces and I think in the future their value will only increase as a good aging red wine.
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