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  1. I would like to take part. I would give the winner £30.00 PayPal.
  2. Grant

    The European Mint

    So today I received my first purchase of 10 1oz Australian Kangaroo coins and I am more than happy with it. Coins arrived just over a week after purchase, it was well packaged and within a coin tube which I wasn't expecting. Also in the box was a nice thank you €5 off my next purchase. So I will happily use than in the not to distant future. Grant
  3. Grant


    Greetings Deglin98
  4. Grant


    I will try keep myself grounded. Added 0 minutes later... Hi Agpanda, thanks
  5. Grant


    Thanks MrTT I will have a look. Added 0 minutes later... Will look into it thanks
  6. Grant


    Thanks chris Added 0 minutes later... Thanks for that.
  7. Grant


    Hi all Newbie looking for advice on European sites that are sound aswell as good UK dealers. I've have recently purchased my first silver and no doubt the first of many. Grant
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