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  1. Christo

    Group buying

    Was just thinking... Why do you think it would be better to buy in the transition period? I mean won't we loose the VAT-free power?
  2. Christo

    Group buying

    Ok I will be waiting with bated breath.... Was just watching your recent video actually. Thanks for the reply
  3. Christo

    Group buying

    Happy New year! Just wondering if there is going to be a group order from european mint coming anytime soon?
  4. Looking to buy some silver Britannias. If anyone is getting rid of any let me know! Thanks
  5. Christo

    Group buying

    Ok thanks... This app is all safe I assume!?
  6. Christo

    Group buying

    I have no idea what is happening.
  7. Christo

    Group buying

    Thanks all! I'm learning from everyone already! I'm looking to stack fractional weight , but not sure if coins or small size bars are best Value wise. I have around £600 to play with. 25 Robin hood coins just fall shy of that price with the postage I think... I almost purchased before I started this thread this morning. Do you all only buy as one big group on a set date or are people interested in getting involved just if the numbers are right? Is there a set goal kitty wise ECT?
  8. Christo

    Group buying

    Great thank you il try it shortly. Everyone is very helpful here! Thank you soo much!
  9. Christo

    Group buying

    I'm not sure exactly yet as I have not purchased before. But thank you for the help everyone Added 0 minutes later... Thank you
  10. Christo

    Group buying

    .be? Thing is I'm in UK and bullionbypost has free delivery
  11. Christo

    Group buying

    Ok u think that the best place to get those are the bullionbypost website? Would you agree?
  12. Christo

    Group buying

    Unfortunately that is not longer valid!
  13. Christo

    Group buying

    That's great thank you Soo much! Does anyone have any suggestions on what to purchase via Euro mint? I like the Robin hood ones but would anyone know if they are a good coin to have. The reason I want then is because my son is called Robin and they will probably be for him in the distant futurw. Thanks
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