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  1. I began stacking silver in early 2020 and I quickly became interested in collecting and I love certain series of silver to retain permanently, I love the artistry involved in some. Information regarding some series of silver bullion can sometimes be difficult to narrow down and I am looking to collate as much information on series as I can, mint by mint, leaning towards caring more specifically about silver but have interest in learning about gold series to collect also. I have been researching series of silver bullion produced by the various government and private mints, learning a
  2. Welcome to the listing 🦅2020 1oz American Silver Eagle .999 Fine Silver🦅 20 Available, straight out of a United States Mint Tube 👁️Oh say can you see? Do you have 2020 Vision?👁️ 2020 is the last year the original 1986 American Silver Eagle design will run for the whole year. Mid 2021 the design of the Eagle on the reverse changes. This is your chance to grab one(or two or three!) of the 2020 American Silver Eagles with the original design for the last full year they will be produced for the cheapest price available online right now. £28 Each + Postage of choice
  3. 👋 Welcome to the community @Drifty Good luck on completing your set!
  4. I forgot to say, you simply write a comment on the listing you like, if you find one that you are interested in, then the seller will likely initiate a private message contact to discuss details and payment. Hope this is what you need to hear.
  5. No problem @Isitreal You do not need to have a paid membership to buy any coins on the site but being a paid member gives you the benefit of seeing "hidden listings". These are items sold here that are able to be seen 3 days earlier than a non paying member. This type of listing will appear to a non-paying member as "hidden listing" in the trades section. The best deals on the site are accessible this way. If it's a good deal, as a paid member you will see it first and if it's a good deal, it will snapped up immediately, never to be seen by non paying members. Welcome & if y
  6. Check the trade section, all precious metals sold on the site by members will be found here, two sections, graded and ungraded: https://www.thesilverforum.com/forum/115-uk-europe/ You can find that link if you click Buy & Sell in the site bar at the top. Hope this helps
  7. Welcome to the community! Looking forward to seeing your sales in the trade section Enjoy your stay
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