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  1. 1st answer - 816 2nd Answer - Are you sure you counted them correctly?
  2. Family coin bought
  3. Looking for the homer DOH 1oz coin on card The Family Coin and the donut Im aware that they are premium coins but just putting the feelers out to see what is available
  4. And im really glad that i get to finish it
  5. Now that is nice, my only worry would be getting the last 2
  6. I will offer Β£21 posted on the spotted one
  7. I have a small bag of the old coins but i think im wanting it to be shiney for her lol
  8. I never really thought of the old coins
  9. Looking for small silver, 5g, 10 bars, 1/4oz coins for a treasure chest im putting together for my daughter, i have a enough noahs ark coins
  10. 09 has been sourced, still looking for the others thanks
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