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  1. 1st answer - 816 2nd Answer - Are you sure you counted them correctly?
  2. I went to a family wedding in New Zealand and was there for 3 weeks, this gave me a lot of time to scour the tinternet for some job lots, bargains and nice coins, i didn't realise how much i had bought until i came home 🙈
  3. Nice Haul @5huggy hope you had a great holiday
  4. I managed to buy one from a forum member with a wanted ad
  5. Thanks for finding, it seems the 1oz is £145 so the 5oz must be worth more than that
  6. Hi Guys Ive been trying to find more info on this coin with very little success, would anybody know more information on it, such as the year, if it was commemorative, approx worth etc TIA
  7. I managed to put it in my basket 😱 i cant afford it so will remove it now, it was nice for a small time
  8. Just made a bid, just the minimum but you never know lol
  9. @Shinus73 do you have the same ebay name? If so i bought a Libertad off you 😁
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