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  1. I was in the queue for 2 hours only to get on and everything has sold out ..crazy
  2. Wow I'm still 5888 in the queue been on for half an hour
  3. Will be holding on to one of the sovereigns for 5 years + The other sovereign and the box of 3 will be keeping them indefinitely
  4. Just got my 2 sovereigns delivered today ..still waiting for the box of 3 to come yet phoned RM up and she gave me a tracking number for that and Royal Mail says it is " The sender is preparing the item" and will give me more information when they receive it..Here is my 2 sovereigns..
  5. I ordered 2 sovereigns and the box of 3 sovereigns...yesterday it only had the 2 sovereigns ×by 3 on my open order..Now its showing my box of 3 sovereigns × by 3 on my closed orders and my 2 sovereigns have now disappeared on the open order ..hopefully will get them all tomorrow when I get the delivery..
  6. Cheapest I've seen at the moment is on Ebay for £5995 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165184744419
  7. It was the same with me wouldn't accept my card tried 3 times ..The wife ended up doing it with her card ..wasn't a happy bunny especially when she seen how much I was spending lol
  8. Hi thanks for accepting me on this forum..I have been a lurker on here for about 2 years ..and bought my first Silver that was the 75th Anniversary VE day Piedfort £2 then bought a silver Britannia..about that time I bought some sovereign bullion and was completely hooked on the gold stuff..since then ...I'm now looking at buying some proofs along with billion and try and build my proofs up a little.... Anyway I wish everyone all the best and let's hope gold goes up to the £1500 mark soon in the New Year ..
  9. Hope so ..just seems strange that it was on the order form on RM and got the confirmation email from them and money took out my bank
  10. Thanks for the reply..yes I have looked in the closed order section and not on there..
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