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  1. Thinking of selling my stack, I would sell for face value minus 10% , NOT spot. So the asking price is for the coins before VAT has been added then minus 10% I'd sell it as one lump, at the moment I'm not prepared to split. Im new here so collection only. Im near Dorking/Reigate 1/10 oz Gold Britannia's QTY 3 = £459 1G Gold bars QTY 2 = £122 1 oz Britannia's with new security hologram QTY 13 = £300 1 oz Britannia QTY 2 =£44 1 oz Silver eagle QTY 1 = £33 1 oz Maple QTY 1 =£28 1 oz Royal Philharmonic QTY 2 =£50 1 oz RM Tower bridge QTY1 =£22 1 oz RM Big Ben QTY1 =£22 1 oz RM Year of the pig QTY 1 =£22 1 oz RM Trafalgar square QTY1 =£22 2 oz Queens Beast Completer QTY 1 =£64 2 oz Lion of Mortimer QTY 1 =£62 2 oz Greyhound QTY 1 =£60 10 oz Royal Arms QTY 1 Waggle room on price with this as I cut some flash off the edge. was £233 but lets talk 100 G Bar RM (loose) QTY 2 =£180 250G Umicore Bar (loose) QTY 1 =£194 All in capsules apart from the 3 silver bars which are loose. £1917 pre VAT minus 10% selling the lot @ £1725 Does that seem fair ? I just cant be arsed with going through the hassle of individual sales on ebay or wherever. Fire over a PM if interested and we can chat
  2. From an engineering point of view it looks plated to me.
  3. I started by buying a silver Brit for a laugh, I liked it so I bought a couple more and then different stuff. Wax on, wax off. lol Ive only got about 50 Ozs of silver and a bit of gold. I dont take it seriously, its might be handy further down the line if I ever get in a pinch or pass on to the kids when I snuff it. I just buy a bit every now and then.
  4. Cheers . I couldn't be bothered to send it back but didn't like the flash around the edge so I've dressed it back.
  5. I realise that the above pics dont show the issue. Here is the coin on its side with a toothpick touching the edge, you can see how much of the coin has been squished over over the edge
  6. I purchased this coin direct from the RM and on inspection see some bad quality control issues. Its hard to see in the images but the arms side has a thin lip all the way around it which is proud of what should be the edge. Its as if the die is smaller than the female and has squished out some metal. Does anyone else with this coin have a similar issue ? Im in two minds whether to send it back or not, to b honest im not that bothered but the quality control is shocking !! I certainly wouldn't send out work like this in my own job.
  7. State of the nation. Im going to need a bigger box !! Added a 10oz to the collection and a further 1/10 Britannia. Id like to buy more gold but wow ! so expensive ! 😞
  8. Atomic47


    There is not sugar coating it. You have to be a complete MUG to buy off eBay if you don't know what you're looking at. Not being mean, but how utterly stupid do you need to be !!! Its akin to those cretinous women that get mugged off for 10s of Ks by lover 'Stavros' in Greece. Lol
  9. Cheers folks. I will just buy as and when, not actively hunt them down. Think I will splash out on a 10oz-er of some description instead.
  10. After buying the 2oz QB completer I thought I would have sniff around for the others and perhaps work on the set. Up till now Ive just bought a few bits and bobs that took my fancy Hardly anything about !! Little to zero stock 😞 And some like the Lion of England are sitting at 121 quid ! *&^iss take. So what gives, have the QB been so popular that they have run out !! Quite annoying. Is there any point trying to get sets?
  11. Sharps Pixely £64.80 at time of purchase
  12. Mine came today. I like the weight and feel of the 2oz coins I must say.
  13. Ah ok thank you. It may be something I might be interested in further down the line. I quite fancy one of those home foundries and giving that a go!
  14. Im just wondering the source. Not trying to catch anyone out, just wondering where it comes from ?
  15. Where does scrap silver come from ?
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