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  1. Cheers folks. I will just buy as and when, not actively hunt them down. Think I will splash out on a 10oz-er of some description instead.
  2. After buying the 2oz QB completer I thought I would have sniff around for the others and perhaps work on the set. Up till now Ive just bought a few bits and bobs that took my fancy Hardly anything about !! Little to zero stock 😞 And some like the Lion of England are sitting at 121 quid ! *&^iss take. So what gives, have the QB been so popular that they have run out !! Quite annoying. Is there any point trying to get sets?
  3. Sharps Pixely £64.80 at time of purchase
  4. Mine came today. I like the weight and feel of the 2oz coins I must say.
  5. Ah ok thank you. It may be something I might be interested in further down the line. I quite fancy one of those home foundries and giving that a go!
  6. Im just wondering the source. Not trying to catch anyone out, just wondering where it comes from ?
  7. Where does scrap silver come from ?
  8. Dammit. I just bought a 2oz mortimer and maple leaf from Atkinsons too......... 😭 I only popped on for a read, ended up spending 150 quid lol 😆
  9. Just got one £64.80. RM are @ £71.51 Big diff Thank you.
  10. Noob question. what does 'completer' mean ? End of series ?
  11. Early in my stacking and Im at this very modest stage. I like the RM 100g bars which I think prefer over the hand poured. I think I will try some Baird stuff next .
  12. Ah. Interesting. Im not an Excel expert but the misses is ! I will ask her to have a look for me.
  13. Hi Folks Okey dokey. The spot price goes up and down and obviously its better to buy in a dip. So the questions are, I presume that web dealers prices are linked to automatically adjust price in line with spot price ? What are the best ways to track the spot price. Phone apps ? I see a lot on the app store but which will work best for tracking/notification of dips etc ? Ta Atomic47
  14. Hi Folks How come a 2021 Britannia from Atkinsons and the same coin from the Royal Mint be differing prices, the Atkinson being cheaper by 71p at time of writing. How can the coin from the manufacture be more expensive ? Im presuming its because they buy in bulk but still, surely the RM have more than anyone else so I dont understand the diff 🙂
  15. where does all this silver come from ? Just curious.
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