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  1. No worries. Currently we have a small refinery overseas where we mainly refine customers gold to .999 and the rest of minerals we keep for free (mainly silver). So to answer your question the silver is being imported.
  2. I can go lower depending on the quantity that you're wanting...
  3. Hello, Just posting this to see if there's any interest. I can supply .999 Scrap silver, it comes in various forms. It's non hallmarked and not resalable. So for anyone buying it you'd most likely have to melt it! I'm new here but I've already made a successful sale of about 2.5kg. It was done face to face in London. I can supply around 5-8kg per week. Can also supply 5kg fine silver bullion bars (hallmarked etc). PS- Since I'm new and don't have feedback yet, if anyone were to be interested and couldn't meet face to face, I could post say 300-400grams of scrap, with a 30% upfront payment via paypal/bank transfer and the rest on receipt.
  4. TTR

    Pre Owned silver

    hello, are you looking for scrap silver? if so, i can supply.
  5. I currently have access to Iridium in the form of powder. I obviously cannot melt this to bar. I am having trouble finding buyers. If anyone knows and is willing to provide details would be great. thank you.
  6. I could do 5kg on a weekly basis .999 purity. What price do you pay? Thanks
  7. Hi guys, Hope everyone is well. I'm new here although I've known about this forum for a while now... I'd like to know if any one on here is willing to buy scrap silver, anywhere from .90-.999 purity. If yes, what sort of price are you willing to pay (percent wise off LBMA or spot) PS - Im London based. Thanks
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