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  1. Latest additions to the world gold collection, one of my best lots ever 😍
  2. You need to check weight and dimensions, as its impossible to be silver at 1oz and the dimensions be different.
  3. No problem I'm sure it was a genuine mistake and to be honest an easy one, as mentioned I did the same a few years back. We can all fall for them some time
  4. Hi the weight could well be correct, however I guarantee if that's the case the dimensions will be wrong for sure
  5. No problem, however I would say you will absolutely find these are fake, the real jm bars don't have the extra logo as per the images. Only reason I'm so confident is I too mistakenly bought a fake from ebay. Sorry for the bad news
  6. Hi Not questioning your honesty, however are you sure these are genuine ? They don't have the stamped serial number and also have the extra jm symbol as image ?
  7. Hi this was originally up at £75 so £50 posted is the lowest I'll go. If its doesn't sell at that then I'm more than happy just to keep it
  8. Hi PF MATTE 1902 sixpence Price £50 posted Payment bank transfer or PayPal ff
  9. Hi Selling a 1869 20 franc gold coin just over spot price, coin has been polished as can be seen on the pictures. This has been reflected in the price. £279 + post of choice Payment by PayPal ff or bank transfer Will be posted out Monday
  10. Hi AU58 1787 sixpence Lovely toning that's hard to capture with my phone Price £115 posted Payment bank transfer or PayPal ff
  11. Hi PF MATTE 1902 sixpence Price £75 posted Payment bank transfer or PayPal ff
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