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  1. Great condition If I didn't have that date already I would most certainly be purchasing this beauty 😍
  2. Hi I have a 36 sovereign coin box for sale, perfect condition the only reason I'm selling it is I have decided to go down another storage route. Made by Alun, selling at less than I paid for it. Price £60 + postage Payment PayPal ff or bank transfer
  3. Today I received my final pieces to finish the fantastic BYB Tetris set, absolutely love it. Thanks BYB for the installment plan 10 months soon flew by 😁
  4. Hi can I go on the list for an 11 coin insert also please
  5. Hi there ill take a random coin/round if there still going
  6. Hi All Just gone through my stack and have a few duplicate Brits that I'm looking to let go, for sale but also happy to trade for other silver I have the following 7 x 2017 trident privy £28 each 1 x 2013 snake edge privy £30 2 × 2011 £30 each 1 x 1998 £28 2 x 2003 £30 each toned See photos for condition, if you need any more let me know Postage extra at buyers choice PayPal ff or bank transfer Thanks for looking
  7. Thanks @Spark268 I have just picked one up, thanks to all who has helped
  8. Thanks @Pete that's 3 of them sorted, so anyone got a 2003 ASE there willing to part with let me know
  9. Hi trying to finish my date run ASE need the following years 1997 got 1998 got 2001 got 2003 Message me if anyone is looking to sell any of these years 👍
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