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  1. I agree with almost all of the above (Well done on the collection so far) The 5 oz I would say you would be lucky to get that much, as above, the collector base just is not there. I would value this at circa £320. The 1 oz I agree with, however recently there seems to be a wide price range on these, I sold my spare a few tears back for just over £100, (yes I spelt that right!). Cheers
  2. Agree with the sentiment on here.. Newer huge mintage Pandas are not worth grading IMHO, most should be ms69, with a large %age getting ms70, very little benefit, however if you are going to keep them ungraded, keep them in OMP. Chinese collectors generally will appreciate that, once again with these large mintage coins it wont make a huge difference in price when selling, however it may make it easier to sell. Cheers
  3. 2010 1oz tiny amount of toning queens side, stunning coin £55 2010 6.03g Stunner £35 2006 £40 COA a little creased Plus post please
  4. Panda none original capsule and small scratch on Temple side Koala none original capsule Rabbit badly toned All 3 £89 plus post UK only please PP F and F or BT
  5. Thank you for the mention, I have these years but appreciated. Cheers
  6. Great news, All yours Thank you
  7. Back for sale.. Looks like the two members both left for each other, I cannot get in touch with Byronvan and Paul will honour his purchase, however he has asked to relist to give others the opportunity, so all good 😀👍. Cheers
  8. 3 x toned 2011 Brits 1 really bad, 2 not so, all on Brit side £75 delivered pp f and f or bt please Uk only Cheers
  9. All 1 oz 1999 Rabbit, badly toned 2004 Panda none original capsule and mark rhs of Temple top 2010 Koala none original capsule £105 incl delivery PPFF or BT please UK only
  10. You are most welcome, glad it is a great example! 👍👍👍
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