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  1. I still have it locked away but here is the photo from numi’s channel
  2. I had a 2018 graded ms69, ngc just squeeze it in a normal holder
  3. Wish more and more panda collectors 🐼👍
  4. Well , at least you got your parcel, me , not that lucky, had to make my way down to Stansted to pick it up myself 😂
  5. Picked up a few gold pandas from an auction in Japan , after a smooth payment and shipment out of Japan,the parcel has been held For clearance in Stansted. After I rang and emailed fedex to explain they are investment gold and should not have tax on them , fedex refused to deliver the parcel to my home address as the value of the parcel is over 2500 usd , had to pick up either myself or rearrange another delivery through another person or company. so if you buying from overseas and use fedex , be ware of they don’t do door to door delivery if your goods valued over 2500usd
  6. Already pre ordered mine with coin connection, had a 2017, so tempted buy 2018, just don’t want pay £200 for that book
  7. Sold out on gold , slower than I thought
  8. Yes , there were 2 but at £1000 each , with a book
  9. Most of people who like the graded coins already have one in their collection I think ,with the Morden bullion, they all after 70 , I found that with the new pandas as well .
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