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  1. I have the first 3 nautical proofs and the 4th mayflower is on it way. is it only 4 in the set for certain? I cant find anything definitive for the number of ships in the set thanks
  2. reading this thread it basically looks like you received the wrong coin and want. to flip it and make a profit. if the wrong coin in error was sent in the other valuation you would be very upset. why don't you sell the coin and refund the difference back to the dealer? A, your conscience you be clear. B, you would be in good favour with the dealer for any coins that are herd to find and a good relationship formed and C, it the RIGHT THING TO DO!
  3. I have bought all my Rwanda proofs from Andre's and his email is dr.brigittekoenig@yahoo.de , if this is same guy I have never had issues with him. maybe I should stop using him......
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