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Any advice for a new uk based stacker ?

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Welcome. Best bit of advice to start would be to take out a membership on TSF. That way you’ll get visibility to the best deals the moment they’re posted. Lots of good folk around here that will be able to offer solid advice. Personally I don’t think you can beat gold sovereigns so great start 👍🏼

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Thanks for the advice. Just reading all the diffrent memberships ? I'm not sure which would be best for me. I plan to buy one sovereign at least every 2 months. Any suggestions 

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12 minutes ago, SeverinDigsSovereigns said:

UK based stackers should focus on CGT exempt gold. Sovereigns and Britannias for instance. These are legal tender coins and won't get taxed for profit. This may or may not change, but for the time being they do hold this advantage.

As UK based stacker you also benefit from the easy access to sovereigns. World recognised and highly liquid. And with trained eyes you can tell whether they're real or fake.

If you buy bulk quantities of sovereigns, you might be lucky enough to find the rare ones and make a profit. Bit like buying lottery but you get your money back even if you don't win.

Yes solid advice 

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Also make sure you know exactly why you stack what you stack.

Otherwise you may be tempted to flip something at short notice and get annoyed if you feel you 'lost' money.

...and as Marc says, zip it. Nobody needs to know.

Edited by JohnA1

Everybody knows the war is over / Everybody knows the good guys lost
                               Everybody knows the boat is leaking / Everybody knows the captain lied..   
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Gold always has the last laugh

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My advice for a new stacker. Stay away from high premium collections until you understand the market a bit better. Don’t be swayed by seasonal stackers/collectors going ‘gaga’ over the latest new ‘this or that’ coin. Slow and steady. Ask and learn. Then happily dive in when you feel more confident. Above all - have fun.

💷 💷 Check out my Wanted adds and message me direct if you can help 💷 💷 

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My advice would be to think of your reasons for deciding to purchase precious metals and then have a plan to include the following.

  • Monthly budget
  • Spreadsheet tracker
  • Details of items you are interested in
  • Suitable storage facilities
  • Exit plan, i.e how will sell when the time comes.

Whilst in the building phase of your stack, I would suggest not paying to much attention to the daily fluctuations of spot price and instead focus on accumulating metals within your budget. In my early days, I ignored this rule and frequently ended up spending my budget on nights out, meals etc, whilst waiting for spot to drop.

Be sure to shop around but you will often need to look no further than this forum for highly competitive deals.

Personally, I view gold as an alternative savings account and silver as a hobby, purchasing coins / bars that I enjoy.

Also, look to build a profile and and sell some items from time to time, there will always be opportunities to make a little pocket money and reinvest in further metals.

Most of all just enjoy the ride and i'm sure you will soon become addicted like everybody else on the forum. 😀

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5 minutes ago, Bigmarc said:

Just keep in mind of how you will liquidate, there are some sales posts over a month old. Not sure what the buy price at the dealers at the mo.

Completely agree, recent market has certainly provided food for thought. 

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I'm turning my stack into mainly sovs, very liquid coins, everyone loves a sov and the size is just right at almost 1/4 oz. Its also nice to clank them together in your hands 🤤 im tired of being careful with capsuled flawless gold. As pre-circulated coins you can handle them guilt free. also a very low premium which is the key.

Edited by Upsidedown

28 year old male seeking gold for steamy stacking fun.

● Gold must be willing to hide from wife, that includes any invoices.

● Respect my fear of boating. (Haven't been the same since my last boating accident)

● Big inflationary hedge preferable.

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7 hours ago, Upsidedown said:

Its also nice to clank them together in your hands 🤤 im tired of being careful with capsuled flawless gold. As pre-circulated coins you can handle them guilt free. also a very low premium which is the key.

Welcome to the dark side... 😁

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