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closed FLASH Auction: Gold 1880 "Young Vic" Melbourne Full Sovereign

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Good evening Sov fans, another banger for you. It better get more money than the 2 I sold yesterday or I'll delete your TSF account.

  • 1880 Melbourne Mint Full Sovereign
  • Very nice condition (imho)
  • Start price is spot (£366)
  • Bid increment £1
  • End time 22:00 UK time, 27/01

Good luck!



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Photographing gold so that it looks like gold Part 1  Part 2

Photographing coins with your phone and add-on lenses

“Never attribute to malice or stupidity that which can be explained by moderately rational individuals following incentives in a complex system of interactions.”

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Baird Mint would viciously scalp you like a Sioux Native for something similar. And then charge you £11 for your scalp to be delivered to your widow. I wouldn't though. I'm your friend.



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£382.  Also the one in the Baird mint photo looks like it's been polished.

This might be something to do with why I haven't bought it.

Maybe I'll pop around to Hatton Garden next time I'm in London and take a look.

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The Sovereign is the quintessentially British coin.  It has a German queen on the front, an Italian waiter on the back, and half of them were made in Australia.


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17 minutes ago, James32 said:

Will you just get sheepster to list this for you next week? Save on postage. 

This is what conversation between pot and kettle looks like 🤣

Listen to All Follow None.

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 The Council of The Club of Rome - The First Global Revolution 1991

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