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  1. Thanks will look into the German sites further re shipping costs, some appear to only allow a local pick up for non German citizens I note.
  2. Just bagged one and a gold 1/10 Kruger👌💪👍
  3. Thanks I will have a look at the site, I will need to widen my search, I have some of the 20 coronas, nice coins too 👌
  4. Indeed every coin has its price, will monitor spot, most coins are on the main dealers and sadly don't get to see the condition.
  5. Hi all Does anyone have this coin, worth the investment? Cheers
  6. Came today no free choccie😠😁 don't eat them anyways 🤣.
  7. All sorted they found 1 excess coin in their stock, sending out special delivery , even the big guns can make mistakes.
  8. Thanks folks they have emailed back and will check the CCTV and stock tomorrow, never had any issues with chards, Atkinson's and Hatton gardens or royal mint before to be fair.
  9. Grand , good to know interestingly which I thought strange there was a chocolate in the small box , which is the same weight as the coin approx , not sure if they normally provide a chocolate ?
  10. shuggyboy24

    ATS bullion

    Might not be the right forum, however today reveived my first order from ATM bullion and one Swiss Franc is missing from my order, Has anyone had a similar issue? Dropped them an email as they were closed. Package didn't look tampered with . Cheers
  11. shuggyboy24

    World coins

    Hi all Can anyone advice whom is the best to buy the likes of ducats, Corona, francs etc and in stock? Thanks Shuggy 2
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