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  1. I would buy a mix the main stack 8 of the 12 oz would be the same coin UK CGT exempt so britannias or sovereigns . A smaller collection of coins maybe 4 a year been the one I like. Many people say I'm daft considering CGT but if gold continue to rise as it has in the last 30 years it will come Into play. I've also been hearing worrying reports for the current government and labour have always hated anyone with any wealth so CGT tax both rate and allowance is at risk
  2. To answer your question about people paying way too much on eBay I think Generally people are brainwashed into thinking eBay in cheap and don't necessarily check if they can get an item for a better prove elsewhere . Sames true with Amazon too ( although not really relevent for PMs)
  3. I don't trust eBay for buying or selling PMs whilst I'm sure the vast majority are probably alright, with the sheer numbers of users of eBay that still leaves literally tens of thousands that could be criminal rip off scam artists I usually stick to real shops and places like this ( if they have been on a while and built up a reputation)
  4. The government won't seize your gold. Its for drug dealers and the like laundering their I'll gotten gains through buying precious metals
  5. Not sure if this is true. If you read the terms and conditions on chards and Atkinson's bullion websites it says. 2 forms of ID is required if you spend more than 5K in one transaction or 10k in a year. Both later stste they dont give this Information to anyone unless they suspect suspicious activity . Maybe @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer can confirm
  6. Number 9 9f 10 not long to go now before a full house . I do apoligise the poor pic quality golds too shiny for a phone camera 1/4 gold queen's beast White horse of wherever
  7. With not spending anythingcouped up on lockdown decided to treat myself on this 2017 1/4 proof Britannia
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