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  1. Mcb2007

    Bullion dilemma

    I think he meant the other meaning of bricking 😂 as in ,I was bricking it 🤣
  2. Mcb2007

    Bullion dilemma

    Stacking then major flushing ,with all that roughage 🤪
  3. Mcb2007

    Bullion dilemma

    I’m more in the put 20K in the bank for a year and earn interest if £1 or buy a coin for £28 and sell for £30 in a year , babysteps and all that jazz .
  4. Mcb2007

    Bullion dilemma

    I take your points onboard, regarding the gold it will be an option at some point in the next 12 months once the silver itch has been thoroughly scratched 😬 I’m only on 45oz at the mo.
  5. Mcb2007

    Bullion dilemma

    I didn’t mean stopping altogether just which way to go bullion or semi with the prices not being much different. In the long run the low mintage semis would be worth more because of the rarity or is that a trap I’m falling into in my naivety ? You are correct I’ve not experienced the highs and lows as I’ve only been stacking / collecting for a couple of months. I was thinking 5-10 years before any proper benefit .
  6. Mcb2007

    Bullion dilemma

    I started stacking on the advice of a friend of mine who has been doing it a while, I’m sat on the fence now that prices are increasing wether or not to continue buying bullion or dropping more on the side of semi numismatic coins. I have recently been buying low mintage coins paying a few pounds over bullion coin prices . To be honest I get more pleasure from them aesthetically than the brit, Krug,maple etc , is this a bad move in you opinion.
  7. Today I bought two bull and bear coins off Mtaybar of this parish in a smooth trouble free transaction .
  8. I bought this when under the influence of the amber nectar , to say it was a shock when it arrived is an understatement lol. I thought it was the cheapest 1oz I’d ever seen . 🤣
  9. Nooooooo I’ve only just started collecting silver now you tell me this .
  10. A big hello from the land of the black pudding, not sure what I’m doing here . am I a stacker or collector of silver ? 34 oz in 6 weeks and a proper mixed bag at that , no idea what direction to take but the limited mintage coins are seeming to be more attractive at the moment. Hope to gain more of an insight off you knowledgable folk on here . cheers Rob
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