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    Gold, Silver and Platinum.
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    None - it's all about the weight.
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    Primarily 1 Oz gold Britannia coins and full Sovereigns. Some lumps of silver with a few coins sprinkled on the top. Couple of Oz of Platinum.

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  1. I will also give Atkinson a thumbs up, I tend to buy a lot of my gold from there.
  2. Nugget

    Gold stackers!

    I don't know. I've various silver coins here, last lot purchased 2016 and the majority have issues with them. There have been numerous posts recently relating to quality control issues from certain mints also, and a 57% premium on any bullion silver here in the UK is a bit much for me. Each to their own and all. That's just my opinion on the matter 🙂
  3. Nugget

    Gold stackers!

    That's interesting and I learned something new. I'm still not paying £30.79 for a bullion one ounce silver coin (price based on 25 from Atkinson just now). Circa 57% premium.
  4. As above really. Low premium gold is (in my opinion) the safest bet currently. Like many others on the forum, all the silver I own was imported from the EU and spot was around £10/£11 last time I ordered (bar 3 handmade items I have purchased this year). I won't pay the premium and vat on silver now, and won't go near anything silver proof as a longer term hold due to the issues silver coins can develop (which I believe will reduce their value). I haven't purchased anything recently because I spent money on a new road bike (couldn't resist) and have just started work on my house, but will be starting up again end of the month with either a few sovereigns, or if I can stretch to it (subject to architect meeting Monday) a one ounce brit. If you can purchase monthly/two monthly that's great, as price fluctuations will even themselves out over the longer term. (All my opinion)
  5. Older sovereigns were mixed with Silver I believe, whereas newer coins are copper (same gold content). I quite like the new colour, doesn't bother me too much at all. That being said, when I do occasionally get the ounce Brits out, they are lovely to look at. I've fancied a couple of Krugerrand coins to add in, but stop myself as I am moving away from my keep it British approach lol.
  6. Nugget

    Gold stackers!

    This is exactly how I see it. Buying at/around £30 an ounce is a risk I am unwilling to take. Spot has got to double prior to seeing a decent return (on the silver content), and that premium (in my eyes) is gone once the silver spots, or gets tarnished in a few years.
  7. Echo the above really. If and when possible I buy the 1 oz, but I have more sovereigns than Brits.
  8. Nugget

    Gold stackers!

    Just gold for me also currently, although I may buy some platinum shortly just for a change.
  9. Echo the above comments really. I don't purchase proof coins, or those with numismatic value. I just try and buy as close to spot as possible. Some of the proof coins do look lovely and may do very well down the line, but it's a game I know very little about, so I steer clear.
  10. Nugget

    Fed up with eBay

    Madness 😳🙄
  11. Can't go wrong with a few sovereigns 😀
  12. Worst case, just do the below 🙂 If you receive unwanted mail with a return address on the envelope you can write 'unsolicited mail, please return to sender' on the envelope and put it back in the post unstamped. The sender will have to pay the return postage which may prompt them to remove your details from their mailing lists. https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/how-do-i-stop-unwanted-junk-mail-a69Ed0z8dVnq#:~:text=If you receive unwanted mail,details from their mailing lists.
  13. I didn't have any issues with H&B. I set my account to no marketing and told the account manager when I had my initial issue setting up for the £299 offer. Thus far, no issues with junk mail. Perhaps it was because of the issue I had when I placed my first order, and the account manager called me to sort my double payment refund out. He was a nice chap, we had a little chat and I made it clear I only purchase bullion..so probably didn't fancy wasting their time with me ?
  14. Forgot to post mine up, thanks BYB and happy to support the forum also.
  15. Nugget

    Silver or gold?

    You can't go wrong with sovereigns and one ounce Brits. They are typically what I purchase (bar this month as I purchased some small 2.5 g bars - fancied a change).
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