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  1. Elton John 1oz Proof - £100 posted Elton John 1/2oz Proof £58 posted Queen 1/2oz proof £58 posted VE Day £2 Proof £65 posted East India Company “NHS Heroes” 1oz bullion £22 posted.*** SOLD *** All coins are Silver, apart from loose bullion coin none have been handled and are free from spots, marks and fingerprints. Looking to sell as Job lot, £290 posted, or individual prices as listed. Postage of buyers choice/risk on top. Payment bank transfer or Paypal F&F unless willing to pay the extra for G&S.
  2. Very disheartening to hear about the 2oz coins having quality issues. However I will say the 1oz is outstanding in hand, IMO.
  3. I think we will see, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones or U2 next.
  4. I really like this, you could take his name off and you’d instantly know who it’s about. The factor for me will be how much they charge for the 2oz Silver and 1/4oz Gold proof. Hopefully it’s the same as the Queen coins.
  5. Exact reason I submitted to the CC, some of the coins for sale on CC go for big money, £1400 on an Una is pocket change to some of them. Whereas in contrast the forum loves a bargain lol
  6. It was my first experience also. It was painless to be honest, however it takes around a month from sale to actually receiving the funds. They take a 10% commission from the sale but all in all it’s a smooth process, and 10% is nothing really, after fees taking home £1260 is still a big win and if I’m not mistaken that’s still more than I’ve seen any others sell for.
  7. 100% sell it on the CC if you’re going to sell. My 70 was the one that got £1400 in May, I wanted to keep it but the risk of it spotting scared me too much, I wish it wasn’t an issue or I’d still have it now.
  8. Sorry if something like this has already been posted, but.. what’s the most you’ve seen a piece of silver sell for? For me £1400 for a 2oz pf70 Una & the lion.
  9. I have a feeling, much like the Queens Beasts, we have already seen the best of the series in the first release. My own opinion of course.
  10. Depending on how the next couple of months go I would of thought this next one would be the last of the “fairly priced” auctions. The price of gold could sky rocket.
  11. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I love it.
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