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    Jvw got a reaction from Kraittos in DHL again... 20 oz silver stolen.   
    So sorry to read about this. Shipping is always a nightmare (for me that is). When shipping goes wrong it usually goes terribly wrong. Followed by tons of emails, calls etc etc. Days, weeks and even months to sort things out. Trying to keep professional and friendly, while blood is boiling... 
    In the end it costs stress, anger and loads and loads of energy.... 
    Count your blessings also, you could also feel lucky about the compensation for the order. 
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    Jvw reacted to JBrans in The elusive 1oz Dutch Guilder   
    Absolutely, there's a great variety of historic Dutch currency and I have a small collection of various coins, including some golden 10G's.  
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    Jvw reacted to Austinmaxi555 in Hi.... Another annoying Newbie   
    Hi im Martin I have only just yesterday  got into silver. My daughter's birthdays are coming up and I wanted to give them some way of saving for the future, that they couldn't dip in to for a can of monster from the one stop. We have always lived pretty much hand to mouth so have had to start very small. (Laughingly small) with 4 pre 1920 sixpences and 6 valcambi 1g bars. I'm aware that I have probably paid way too much but I had to start somewhere.
    Wishing you all the best and I'm looking forwards to learning from you.
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    Jvw reacted to JBrans in The elusive 1oz Dutch Guilder   
    Hello all. I am a Dutch national and began stacking/collecting last year. On silver bullion there is a 20% VAT but not on silver currency.
    Of course I could go for the beautiful American Eagles and so on, but I decided to look into my own currency first and I found some interesting options, mainly large supplies of junk silver on the market from pre Euro times. Troy Ounces weren't typically used by us, standard sizes were like 25 or 30 gram for larger rounds (today the national mint makes toz rounds but those are unaffordable collectibles). Anyway, it was after some time of collecting that I found an unlisted product advertisement through google of a silver troy ounce Guilder. Modeled after our old (much smaller) 1 Guilder coin. This would be our equivalent to the ASE, Maple leaf, Philharmonic and so on. Naturally my interest was piqued.
    I asked the shop for more info and they said it was a special limited edition from an independent manufacturer, not an official coin, which means they are all probably in the hands of collectors and will be hard to find. I asked my LCS, very reputable dealer and he had never heard of it. Sadly, not a good stacking option, but still something I would want in my collection.
    The attached images is what it looks like.
    I doubt this particular rarity has made its way to the international market, but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask. If anyone knows where to find them, please let me know.
    Thanks and have a nice day.

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    Jvw reacted to Choi in North Korean Gold Coin   
    Thanks. I know that some of my coins are (semi) numismatic, but I can't resist to feel the history in my hand.  They don't get scratched that easily since they aren't pure gold.
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    Jvw reacted to Choi in North Korean Gold Coin   
    This is a 1/10 oz Gold Coin made in North Korea in 1988 celebrating the 40th anniv. of their regime.   They were usually sold to the Chongryun Population (Pro NK Korean decedents Living in Japan)  .   I don't know the exact value of this coin,  but  bought it  a month ago since I had a chance to get it at 240,000 KRW ($198) which was slightly cheaper than a regular 1/10 oz coin.    Although it is written  ".9999 fine",   it's probably lower than that since only Canada made coins in such high purity during the same period.  Later NK gold coins made in the 90's were changed to .999 fine.    Anyways this is the only pure gold coin in my entire collection since I have no interest in modern gold coins & bars.  My newest piece except this is a 1946 Liechtenstein 10 Frank.    

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    Jvw reacted to Lindeman in REDUCED: BU sovereigns   
    Tidying up - so these have to find a new home. 
    BU full sovereigns, one 1900 Vic Old Head and a 1930 SA mintmark, each in a black ringed  Airtite capsule. £375 for each, inc UK Spec Del. 
    Two 2010 BU full sovereigns in the original RM wrapper, rare to find. £375 each, inc UK Spec Del. 
    A piece of US pre -33; a lovely gold 1907 Liberty Head half eagle $5. £430 inc UK Spec Del.  SOLD 
    Photos taken a few days ago - but the coins have not aged in the last week 😊. 
    Please PM if interested. Payment by UK PP F & F preferred. Non UK buyers please let me know, and we can agree on shipping costs / conditions   
    Thanks for looking  


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    Jvw reacted to Tn21 in Heads been turned - 10oz, 5oz, silver and some gold fractional bits   
    Problem with the forum is that there are many great items for sale which continuously pop up. My heads been turned
    2018 10 Oz Silver Valliant - £290 SOLD
    2019 10oz Silver Valliant - £285
    2020 10oz Silver Valliant - £285 SOLD
    10oz Queens Beast Falcon - £285 Sold
    4 X 30g silver pandas - £100 (toned) SOLD
    2020 1oz Scottsdale Silver Gorrila - £27.00 SOLD
    5 Oz Scottsdale Terracotta Army - £140 SOLD
    5oz Perth Mint Rooster - £130 SOLD
    1909 half Sov - £190 sold
    1g bars X 3 = £58 each
    1g Heraeus Bar - £65 each
    2020 Gold standard coin - £442 posted SD. SOLD
    Postage on top and at your own risk. Bank transfer only. 

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    Jvw got a reaction from UnoWho in Topic only visible to Premium Members. Upgrade membership to view.   
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    Jvw reacted to SamG in Reduced, now only 425. 2012 struck on the day full sovereign with box and COA   
    final reduction guys before withdraw. now £425 only plus postage
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    Jvw reacted to Mike in Gold 1oz Bullion Coins Limited Editions   
    I have 3 1oz gold bullion coins for sale.  All 3 are fairly limited in production and offered at a sensible margin to spot, in between spot and what these coins can be bought for from dealers:
    2018 - Two Dragons Coin (5000 mintage) £1600
    2018 - Britannia Oriental Border (5000 mintage) £1600
    2017 - Britannia 30th Anniversary (7030 mintage) £1650
    Price includes RM Special Delivery. Payment by BACS or PPF&F

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    Jvw reacted to MikeSol in 122g Spanish 83.5% SIlver   
    I have 122g of 83.5% Spanish scrap silver made up mostly of Una Pesetas
    Price is £72 + Postage
    Payment by bank transfer or PayPal F&F

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    Jvw reacted to Vern in 2020 Full Gold Sovereigns - 3 available B U   
    Now sold.
    Hi folks, I hope this finds you well.
    I have 3 x 2020 Full Gold Sovereigns B U for sale and can offer a little discount for buying in bulk £1125.00 includes Tracked and Insured Royal Mail Special Delivery. 
    At £375.00 each they are priced to sell. No offers please.
    Bank transfer preferred but Paypal friends and family available as is collection Mon - Fri if you are near Canterbury.
    On a 1st come 1st serve basis. 
    Thanks for looking 

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    Jvw reacted to AndrewSL76 in 1g bars (2x Gold and 1x Platinum)   
    On offer are the following 1g bars:
    1. Baird 1g Gold Bar - £58.00 (currently £58.94 at Bairds - as at 12.14pm on 10 August 2020)
    2. Pamp Lady Fortune 1g Platinum Bar - £55.00 (I think this is a good price - let me know if it isn't, please!)
    3. Royal Mint 1g Gold Bar - £66.00 (currently £78.00 at the Royal mint as at 12.14pm on 10 August 2020)
    All three were bought on this forum and have been tested (and passed!)
    Postage is additional and at buyer's choice.
    If you buy all three, the price is £180.00 and include special delivery postage.
    If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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    Jvw reacted to MickD in Does anyone own Treasure Bullion?   
    Sure, apologies, I'm no photographer, just an i-phone in bad light.
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