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  1. That Dragon bar looks amazing!
  2. In my experience, historically FedEx were always one of the better ones. Since they've merged with TNT, they've had issues. They seem to have taken the worst bits of both services and combined them. That said, I can't fault our local FedEx driver.
  3. @BackyardBullion if you could put me down for 1 silver (and 1 copper, if you're getting them this time), that'd be awesome!
  4. I received some gorgeous silver and copper rounds courtesy of @BackyardBullion (stellar service as usual, thank you). Picture to follow, once I can persuade the lighting in my house to do them justice!
  5. @BackyardBullion, If you can get them, can you put me down for one of these too?
  6. That is definitely on the wish list!
  7. and this just in from Yorkshire bullion, I've been eagerly waiting for this to arrive for a while:
  8. Better late than never: some nice coins from the group order ( I do love those Rwanda nauticals) and a few fun ones for a Christmas treasure hunt for the kids.
  9. Mine arrived today as well (packaged better than most bullion dealers I've dealt with too, I'll add). Thanks again for all your hard work. I'll get some pictures up as soon as I can.
  10. That is lovely! I look forward to mine arriving now.
  11. Sounds like high stakes geocaching to me, could be awesome fun!
  12. Time to start planning my Christmas presents (to myself).
  13. I love it when a delivery comes early (even if it means the wife knows I've bought something).
  14. Despite trying to hold off until the group order, I've treated myself to the 2018 rum runner. Hope it looks as good in my hands as it does in the pictures.
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