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  1. Hi, trying my luck to see if somebody has any they want to move on cheers
  2. Hi, looking to make use of recent softness in price and purchase my first graded piece! Don't need a great grade, but I'm looking for 'premium' pieces, ie: not brits/pandas/krugs etc.. Open to any and every interesting piece Don't have premium this month unfortunately, so feel free to reply to the post with a pic & asking price of your piece! Thanks!!
  3. damn, what's up with the details on the Lion? congrats on rest!
  4. @AndrewSL76 Not sure the mechanics but the guy drove me up from 200 to 255, because my bids were being automatically triggered. As I say, was happy to pay my max but not if I could have it for 55 quid less.. So I called ebay and they opened a case. And I also reached out to the seller and mentioned I'd won the auction but ebay was investigating bid activity, and that I was happy to wait for their verdict or pay 200 and take the bar. No surprises here💪
  5. Hi, So came across this bar, which I quite fancied and I was the highest bidder pretty much for the 7 days of auction. With a few hours to go however, a last min bidder came in, drove me up to my maximum bid and past, and once it was clear I was not following the bid higher he cancelled his bid, again leaving my max bid as winner. What is interesting is that this last min bidder has not bid on anything for the last month, and just happens to show out of the blue to bid me up and then cancel last minute? Seems strange. I was happy to pay my max bid before, but now I am quite p
  6. So I phoned them up and apparently that auction was last Saturday 😔 next auction in a couple weeks time. Most expensive silver lot sold for around 1k, smaller lots around 400/500 mark. Man oh man, someone got a deal or five.
  7. Very, used them few week back. Extremely fast delivery and great customer service. Lots of german gold magazines included lol, you'll see
  8. Can't find the H&B sovs you mention. Care to links pls?
  9. It's been said before, and I'll say it again; Best thread on this forum. Man why did I discover these coins with gold price at all time high 😅
  10. Wish I'd known orientals came in capsules.. in any case can't kick myself about it since they were gone by the time I pulled the trigger 😅 Dragons came in sealed perth mint tube, and I'm fine with that since given the price they'll stay in the stack for the long run. Definitely a dealer to keep our collective eyes on.
  11. Mine just arrived too, will be posting later. Agree, amazing dealer, got britts for 19.5eur, snagged last tube of perth dragons, and they had sovs for the lowwww too.
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