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  1. Yeah, was the first one to order and they automatically went up 35 cents right after. Picked enough for storage though, as you say not quite worth it otherwise.
  2. @Thomast took a while mate, but got to sunny Spain safe and sound 💪
  3. https://goldsilver.be/en/coins/3213-1-oz-silver-niue-2020-boba-fett.html should I pick 25 up or?
  4. sorry can't help, but where did you win this 😁? congrats
  5. Hi there, Possibly a long shot but who knows... Going to order some silver from gs.be Don't really want to order too much with premiums where they are, but have my eye on a couple items I think are fair right now. Downside naturally is EUR 35 shipping costs.. so if anybody is also currently in spain and was thinking of picking something up I am happy to buddy up. Cheers
  6. priced at GBP 39.50 in eumint.. honestly now rethinking whether to continue the series. Just depressing.
  7. only seeing 2 in stock now, waiting for another miraculous restock so shipping is worthwhile
  8. they really hiked prices 3/4$ in a matter of hours... ruthlesssssss
  9. Thanks man, we're too far apart on pricing. Thanks for offer tho
  10. you have any spare santa maria?
  11. ahaaa. the things you learn cheers!
  12. Might be a silly question, but I can't seem to find the amount in stock figure in gs? Missed out on the sumatran tiger because of this the other day smh!
  13. what was the initial sale price for the green dragon. going for about GBP 27 in gs.be - missed this one but thinking of getting tiger but your comments about quality making me think again.
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