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  1. Picking the lesser of 2 evils is still choosing evil. I prefer to choose good. Not meaning to sound like a holier-than-thou tw@ but if you take a proper look into the monarchy it appears a cesspit of child abuse and scandals. I should point out that I'm a full on libertarian and think we should have a meritocracy as opposed to a ruling elite who quite literally refer to anyone not part of their bloodline as 'the goyim'. Politics is a farce as well, if voting mattered they wouldn't allow it. It's there to give you the illusion of choice imo. Just my 2 pennies. Each to their own, but I actually despise the monarchy and our government too. Government: 'govern' = 'control', 'ment' = 'mind', 'government' = 'mind control'.
  2. I for one am trying to refrain from purchasing even your bog standard brits or maples just because I've grown to despise the monarchy and see them for what they are. Once more comes out about the royal family many will turn their backs on what they once revered imo.
  3. That makes perfect sense bud, never actually thought of it like that, I think you've answered my question. We are being robbed lol. Even though there is VAT on silver would you and anyone else reading this not agree that silver is still a better purchase than gold in terms of bang for your buck? Just talking in a pure value for your money sense ie you get more value by purchasing silver inc the VAT than you do by buying gold exc VAT?
  4. Why is VAT such a big deal breaker when it comes to buying silver? I get that you're effectively paying 20% over the odds but when the true value of an ounce of silver is likely in the 3 figure range why do people begrudge paying 20% vat on a £25 ounce of silver? Paying £30 inc vat as opposed to £25 exc vat is surely inconsequential when silvers true value is several times more than £25 no?
  5. How many have you got left mate? Can I get a tube of 25?
  6. I couldn't believe it when I heard 40% cant afford a grand but in this day and age I think it's most likely true. Many people blame the younger generation for not saving which is true somewhat, but the bigger elephant in the room is the masses purchasing power has been eroded over decades of cheap 'money' printing and secretly taxing us via inflation. Inflation really is the dirtiest tricks they pull on the masses because as Keynes said "not one man in a million understands inflation". I think one in a million is a bit exaggerated but 90% of my friends and family don't seem to really understand why they are getting poorer.
  7. Do you think it's true that 40% of americans can't afford $1000 for an emergency? And do you think it's a similar percentage over here in the UK. If true it's a dire statistic that's for sure!
  8. @ChrisSilver all sorted now, cleared cookies caches etc. Think the issue was my new mobile provider had placed restrictions on my account so had to remove it, seemed to work.
  9. I haven't but I've tried multiple different browsers, even downloaded firefox and it still won't let me. I'll look into how to delete temp files and cache etc see if that sorts it
  10. Hi guys, Been a member for almost a year and until I swapped my SIM the other week I could access TSF like any other website, wether using mobile data or wifi. It seems I can only access TSF via wifi now though. It's strange because I can access any other website using mobile data. I receive this message when trying to access: ERR_TIMED_OUT and also the one pictured below. Not sure what's up really. Any advice appreciated.
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