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  1. According to one of his recent videos a large amount of that was converted into a property.
  2. Sub’d. Will spend some time learning about Morgans later.
  3. Thanks @shawy2510 and @jultorsk, that was about what I was thinking having looked at a few AU58s and MS62 and comparing them. It seemed to be sitting in the middle, of course always difficult to tell from just a photo. Yes, it was a beauty.
  4. Any estimate as to what it would have graded at? Not that I would have graded it but interested in your opinion.
  5. I really wanted the 1870 Sydney sov but it was too rich for me. Went for £1,000.
  6. @bluemoon I spent around £1000 cash, six weeks ago. No ID required then. My largest single cash purchase was around £3k cash a couple of years back, no ID then either.
  7. Sharps Pixley don't require ID unless you are spending more than, I think, £5k. However I believe their shop is currently closed and their margins are high (10% on a sov) like just about everywhere else right now.
  8. Sharps Pixley Atkinsons Baird HGM Coin Cabinet
  9. The pre-decimal Elizabeth’s are very nice. I have a date run of those and a few more besides. Great choice.
  10. Agreed, they are my go to most the time. I have never been asked for ID, very friendly and they found me a 1959 recently to complete my first date run.
  11. Sounds correct to me. I still have a 6 and the newest update for me is 12.4.3. 13 has not been available at any time to me.
  12. Very nice, shame about the edge bump though.. I can stretch to spot +3% if you want to offload it. 😬
  13. Excellent, thank you guys.
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