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  1. Brilliant Uncirculated coins don't have a true frosted finish... https://www.1817.co.uk/buy-or-sell-gold-sovereigns-by-type.html#/ As per the attached video from the RM. Thats correct as when i have had a 2014 proof sovereign next to one you can tell that its not as frosty but ngc must struggle to see the difference as they did the same with the 2017 sotd sovereign calling that a proof at first
  2. They are brilliant uncirculated coins with the frosting on one side only (As the royal mint intended them to be) I have sent more than one of these coins for grading and they always come back as PF coins
  3. They are not error coins. They are the brilliant uncirculated coins miss graded by ngc and pcgs. I have the 2014 double brilliant uncirculated sovereign coin with the frosting on the st gorge side only and i sent it to numistacker for grading and he had to return it back to them 3 or 4 times as they kept putting it down as a pf70 instead of ms70 i have the coa that says its a brilliant uncirculated coin but ngc have it down as a proof. Send a 2014 brilliant uncirculated sovereign to ngc and it will come back as a pf not a ms coin
  4. I was talking to a guy a couple of weeks ago about gold and he showed me a photo of his gold stack and he had a fake 1oz gold ngc graded coin in there that i could tell was fake right away. So i let him know that it was a fake. But he had the coin to long to return it through ebay so i told him to open a case with paypal and i think he got his money back
  5. Gordon


    You can use a friends or family members address or meet sellers in person
  6. I think that the plain edge sovereigns will do well in years to come
  7. Best to have a look on ebay to see what they are selling for
  8. They put the same terms and conditions in the previous ebay £1 deal as well a few weeks back. So if any body used the £1 deal a few weeks back should know if it applies
  9. Hi and welcome to the silver forum. 2007 is not the best of years for proof sovereigns and at £308 seems like a high price to pay for a proof half sovereign and i have opened these RM sealed sovereign packs before to find that the coin inside is not in the best of conditions and not fit or grading. I would leave it sealed that way you may get some of the premium back when you sell it
  10. I would prefer to get 6 sovereigns than pay £2000 on a graded bullion queens beast
  11. I would buy sovereigns as a lot of people collect them so easy to pick up and to sell
  12. Just got this vintage 10oz silver bar with a bit of history to it
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