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  1. Just got this very impressive 2008 3oz platinum £5 proof coin
  2. There must be at least 10 x more sovereign collectors than Britannia collectors i would say
  3. I would buy gold full and half sovereigns and the cheapest 1oz silver coins or 1kg silver bars
  4. Some years yes and other years no. Not all proof sovereigns are created equally
  5. Hi and it looks genuine to me
  6. I would think that conservation would remove the spot and it would get a pf70
  7. The trouble with the 1979 proof sovereign is that over 100 coins have been graded by ngc but only one coin has ever got a pf70 so not a easy coin to get a 70 in and is a very sort after coin by pf70 sovereign collectors.
  8. Hi and one speck of dust will knock a perfect proof coin down to a pf69 so you may want to have them coins conserved. And i normally put the safeflip on top of the open coin capsule turn upside down so that the coin is now on top of the flip and i can remove the capsule and i have a very little spatula type thing to open one side of the flip then the coin just slides in without me touching the coin at any point. This is just how i do it
  9. If there are no scratches or damage to the coin itself and you think that all the marks and spots can be removed I would send it to numistacker as if it was to get a pf70 after conservation and grading that would be a 500 pound coin
  10. Hi both sovereigns and 1/4oz coins sound good to me. I find sovereigns to be a lot more collectable. And no one knows where the price of gold is going. It could be in a new bull market or it could be going back down once things get back to normal. I think inflation is coming
  11. I got this very nice leather and brass full and half sovereign coin holder that holds 40 sovereigns (20 full and 40 half so 40 full sovereigns in all) Ive never seen one like this before so a great pickup
  12. There is no need to send the boxes and packaging in to ngc (they will probable bin it) I put my coins in mylar saflips
  13. The last one to sell on ebay sold for £620
  14. Red spots on gold coins do happen ive had a good few myself. You can get it conserved with ngc and that will get rid of any red spots But because of the sellers attitude i would just return it for a full refund. As you should be able to pick one up cheaper as its only a bullion coin
  15. Gordon

    UK Parliament Petition

    When they sold the gold they actually announced it and that they was going to be flooding the market pushing the price right down before they even sold the first oz
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