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    Discontinued silver rounds i.e Englehard. Rarities or ones with a story i.e. Gairsoppa

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  1. Hi there, I'm after the birth years of my children in silver Brits. Just need 2018 now. I'd like MS69 or better if possible. Thank you for looking.
  2. Good evening, Anyone in the UK have a couple of 2oz silver stackers they want to part with? Thank you
  3. Silverman20

    completed (By Platinum Member) Pyromet 1 oz Silver Cards

    If Vacancies doesn't purchase these, can I be considered please.
  4. Thought I'd give it a bump. See if anybody might have missed it the first time? Thanks
  5. Good evening, Does anyone have the shipwreck coin "gilt dragon" that they would sell to complete my collection? Thanks
  6. Look at these beauties that arrived this morning! A massive thank to @sgcoins for offering such an amazing prize and me being lucky enough to win it. Also I would like to thank @trp for the organisation of the draw. I'm one happy chap!
  7. Good Afternoon! Does anyone in the UK have a 1oz Engelhard round or 2 they would part with for a reasonable price? The only ones for sale are coming from the US (naturally) Thank you
  8. There you go Fifer. You predicted it!! Well done, and a nice prize to boot.
  9. Personally it's timing for me, I'm all "silvered out" for this month. And with it being close to Christmas, that affects it too. I've had my eye on number 6 like the others, that bar is lovely. Don't be off put with the lack of purchases. Love to see what you do with future bars.
  10. Love to do this, being new I don't have much to offer. However with there being a lot of cash prizes I will offer a chance at a mint unopened Batavia 1oz triangle bullion coin from the Royal Australian Mint being won. Really nice coin. Or £40 bank transfer. Your choice. Silverman20
  11. Hi there, I'm looking to purchase one of these Gairsoppa rounds. Does anyone have one for sale? Thanks
  12. Hi there, thought I'd introduce myself. My name's Lewis, and I'm new to the forum. Had PM for a while but never knew there was somewhere to congregate until I saw the sponsor on back yard bullions YouTube channel. Have a good evening guys!
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