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  1. Started at beginning of 2017. I started with few coins for as gift and then some for me. Started with Queen Beast's and Britannia's. That I got infected with stacking. Just silver, never like gold colour 😁😎 Never counted them exactly but around 1000-1200oz in coins mainly. Just adding up. One day I have to check what I have exactly 😎
  2. Looks like we have to wait for Andy
  3. Did anyone tried out this capsules? Do they fit 10oz QB?
  4. Marvel, Koala, Kookaburra, Chiwoo cheng, Zi sin, Dolphins, Krogerrands, Oriental Britannia, Rectangular Dragons. It's so many opportunities.
  5. What about valiant 2019? Look like they have them in stock. Can we order them? Dolphins 2019 still not aloud? Just checking? https://www.europeanmint.com/2019-10oz-uk-silver-valiant-coin/
  6. I will go with my number. If I'm right it was 171, I will check.
  7. I can see what on list, just asking. Some time ago Krugerrand was not on the list but was on order. May this time can happen.
  8. Check this topic: I have that and is really working. I'm sure they will be back, or try ebay.
  9. Thank you both of you. All received, well packed. To the next time
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