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  1. WAW great coins can’t wait to get some
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum ☺️
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum
  4. Sorry my appologies just took me ages just to sort and send last message
  5. Hello☺️ and welcome to the forum Blimey this is really slow must be virginmedia again
  6. They need to change out the designer he has soo much to do and gets all the contracts. Philip Nathan should come back and finish this series off before they get soo boring Nathan was the designer behind the Britannia coins his original designs are being copied even now for this many years. I do like the chain mail in the background it does show a skill but the whole centrepiece needs to really stand alone and keep peeking our interest. And before any second series is on the cards something seriously has to change before I put my hand in my pocket, this said I’m going to complete this series
  7. Beautifully made the engraver deserves the accolade. Shame it will not fit into my collection. Too many branches of interest so many coins to buy and limited purchase power. Thank you for the education.
  8. Close but no cigar, its Oriental art. A very beautiful impression on this coin looks the part. All the very best
  9. It looks like a very religious iconic symbolic coin. Is this of many countries of religion. I'm guessing budda on top. 1 o clock Japanese religion 3 o clock Chinese dragon. I could be very wrong and generally are. I will look it up
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