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  1. That's why I send things to the family in the states and bring back with me when I visit
  2. To be honest, its only what pays most for transport that will get priority. Working in this line of work I've seen it. All about profit. Freighter companies, which ar really the only ones transporting now, were expecting a recession for this year, so they will milk it for all its worth.
  3. I think the difference with the flu is, we are used to it and follow those guidelines without really thinking about it. This is a new one and people aren't quite sure of everything yet and then to follow the measures like with the flu seems to be harder as they aren't drilled in us since we were kids like with the flu. Also don't forget the measures aren't quite the same so makes it harder for some to follow as the human being is generally a social animal.
  4. A lot of the shops here are also refusing cash for fear of catching the virus. Personally I still keep cash but don't totally empty my account for the time being anymore like I used to.
  5. I've never had a delivery problem with GS.BE and it was always sign for
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