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  1. Hello good sir...hope you are well.
  2. Thank you kind sir...much obliged.
  3. As KP states you can legally own and keep guns at home in the uk....you just need a licence which is easy to get as long as you do not have a criminal record. You are allowed to keep the guns at home if you have a gun cabinet. All of this info is freely available on the internet.
  4. HI I agree with everything you have said apart from one thing......it is a myth that our government regulates our access to swords, knives, spears and crossbow or bows of any size are all perfectly legal to buy and own in the uk. I know this as I am a collector of medieval weapons. I own many swords and large knives of various sizes that you can purchase without any kind of regulation. Just google ...the knight shop or southern swords and you will see that these items are freely available to purchase and own without a licence or any kind of regulation in the uk. Obviously you can not walk aro
  5. Interesting...who would have thought you could earn money that easily flipping trainers. I will let my mrs know about that....she loves money...my money mostly. 😁
  6. Sounds like a plan....let's keep stacking, no slacking its obvious that the financial system is cracking......sorry couldent help myself. Just ignore me..those that know me do.🤐 😌😄😃😃🙃🙃🤓😏
  7. Hi m8 thanks for the super like. What a friendly bunch you all are. 😁
  8. Thanks 5huggy.......glad to be here.
  9. Thanks 5buggy and Dicker.......yes I will definitely be keeping the shiny...I dont regret my purchase at all......you guys have made me excited about it. I am looking at getting some gold soon...a little each month me thinks. 😁
  10. Thanks chris...its great to be here. 🙂
  11. Hi Tony...I know this is an old thread but it may help others with a similar question. Atkinsons bullion in the uk sell a very nice capsule for the 1/10th gold brittania coin. It is £1.25. Cheers
  12. Hi thanks for the input...yes I totally agree. Of all the usa dollars that have ever been printed more than 20% of them were printed in the last twelve months....that can not continue. What will happen next...who knows but it seems we may be on the road to a new digital currency or the greatest depression. When I say printed I mean typed into a computer out of thin air, but i know i am preaching to the converted. Does anyone know of a country that has not collapsed after printing so much cash and devaluing their currency to such a great extent? Has that strategy ever succeeded? This wil
  13. Hi witcher thanks for the detailed response. Originally I purchased the silver on a whim because I was greedy and got caught up in the non existent short squeeze and thought I could make some money....not smart. Having said that I have previously looked into buying gold and silver as a hedge against the fiat as it has gone along with my general mindset of storing food and weapons for the small but ever growing possibility of a shtf situation. I looked at it again in march 2020 but I talked myself out of it after limited research. I was put of by the fact that silver can get milk spots and tar
  14. Ahh yes thank you. I can now see that you can edit the quote that way....thanks again.
  15. Thanks billy much appreciated....I have only been on here 24hrs and I am loving it. 😍
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