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  1. Yeap. I'm very happy paying £125 over MSRP for my SOTD. I'd like to get more than one, so will still be in the queue on release day. Eliminating disappointment is a good thing, especially when flippers will be selling these on ebay at far more than a £125 premium.
  2. In addition to this, I feel the tide is turning in my social/work circles about how to deal with inflation. I don't mention my gold/silver stack to anyone but close family, though I'm starting to hear gold crop up in conversations where I never have before. If just 1% of developed countries start to save a little in precious metals, we'll see huge increases in prices IMO.
  3. Just shows how many people are eager to collect these once in a lifetime coins Of course there'll be flippers too, though much of the 2022 sovereigns/Jubilee coins will be going into hiding for many a decade I believe.
  4. Thanks for this, just ordered one. I'll still try get another in the RM queue on the 6th, though couldn't resist paying £100 more for a guaranteed coin. Last thing I want is being 25000 in the queue with regrets for not paying £125 more than msrp!
  5. I was asking GoldDiggerDave whether he thought the finish, in terms of the contrast betwen polished/mirror finish and matte finish is the same in his eyes on the BU and proof sovereigns. The proof coins I have are incredibly well finished and have mirror/glossy polished regions, which the BU coins in my collection don't have.
  6. How about the finish, in terms of contrast between glossy and matte portions?
  7. IMO the difference is that a collector will simply not want to sell certain coins. For example, I recieved my 2oz gold Gothic Crown a few days ago, and it's just beautiful. I can honestly say I don't want to sell it, as I want to look at it often over the years and sleep well at night knowing it's safely in my collection, in perfect condition. If I were in the position where I had to sell assets, my gold 2oz would be the last coin I sell.
  8. Spoke with my account manager today and secured the coins I wanted from this release. Very happy with the mintages for the 50p two coin gold set, and love the design and observe of the 2oz Platinum Jubilee gold. I feel both will perform well over the years. Just wish the RM would take a 6 months break from releasing lovely new coins, as it's been a crazy few weeks/months! Spreading them out would have been thoughtful! Have many received what they ordered yet?
  9. I'd give a call or email your account manager to double check, could be a mistake.
  10. My account manager confirmed payment is taken separately for each coin. Shortly after, payment was taken for the Quartered Arms, and my open orders updated to reflect the two coins, see attached image. Exciting times, hoping that now payment has been taken it moves to closed orders and is dispatched!
  11. I've reched out to my account manager to confirm this also - will post here when I hear back. Thinking about it again, perhaps if your order shows as "GOTHIC CROWN QUARTERED ARMS AND PORTRAIT 2021 UK 2OZ GOLD PROOF" you get the bill for both, whereas if it only mentions the Quartered arms, you get charged individually, when the portrait coin magically appearing as another order in the future?
  12. I feel like a child the night before Christmas, I must have logged into my RM account 20 times today, to see if moved from open to closed order 😄😄
  13. Thanks! Yeah I couldn't believe it really, I don't usually get lucky with things like this, I'm still surprised! Knowing I won't have to put up with a few hour queue on launch day for the portrait version is the icing on the cake.
  14. Long time lurker, first time poster. Had a delightful call from my account manager today at RM. They had a cancellation from an international buyer, so offered me the 2oz gold Gothic Crown, with the option for the continuity coin next year. Needless to say, this has made my Christmas and I'm incredibly excited! On launch day, I had a queue number of 1500, so wasn't able to order a single crumb.
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